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College student put on academic probation for using Grammarly: ‘AI violation’::Marley Stevens, a junior at the University of North Georgia, says she was wrongly accused of cheating.

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Something my instructors could never explain to me is what Turnitin does with the content of papers after they're scanned. How long are they kept? Are they used for verifying anyone else's work? I didn't consent to any of that. When someone runs for office 20 years later are they going to leak old papers? Are they selling that data to other AI trainers? That's some fucking bullshit. It needs to be out of the classroom for more reasons than just false positives.

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It gets added to their database forever as far as I know. Unsure if they're selling it but based on the trajectory of capitalism yes they're selling the fuck out of to anyone who will buy.

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