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I know its easier than ever to dunk on how terrible reddit has gotten, but honestly? What is this? How is is safer to deliver this content to kids viewing reddit on a tablet or PC or in the app? Why even create the bs excuse?

They could just have easily told the truth an displayed a message like "Content is limited. Open in the app to view." It's still a jerk move, but at a minimum its honest.

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Context: This is the second year I've been trying to hit 69% battery at 4:20 on 4/20.

It's stupid and juvenile, but I've set a goal, damn it, and now I have to wait another year to try again. 😆

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I don't particularly want my new profile to have that meth chic look.

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I'm looking for some good reading on how to, eventually, best help be a step parent to my partner's children and NEARLY ALL books are geared toward the woman's perspective as though men don't want to be a strong teacher and develop these kids into healthy adults. Ugh!

Thanks for listening to my rant.

Thanks AT&T! (lemmy.world)
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Tried logging into Experian and NONE of my information is working. Wonderful!

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The EFF has been calling for national private legislation for a while but now that we have something on the table they are criticizing it. They are calling for state level laws but the problem with local laws is that there are 50 different states for companies to try to keep track of. The other problem with local legislation is that it is hard to enforce as Google or who ever else may not be based in the state that there users are in and each state will be treated differently and will receive different levels of support. We need unification so that companies know and meet the requirements. States are simply to small to be effective against a company.

Even if the privacy act is not completely perfect it can always be expanded or revised in the future. We need something to be passed as technology has surpassed public awareness.

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One of the buttons laps the stopwatch, the other resets the entire session clearing all lap markers and stopping the counter. Better not forget which is which, especially given that you're probably timing something in the physical world not paying much attention to your phone...

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I thought the woman handing me this was going to ask for help reaching something, but she was handing this out to everyone.

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Source- but beware, the site is cancer.

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Edit: Thanks all for the troubleshooting advice but this occurred on a channel that is known to me that regularly posts 4k HDR content. At the time I tried to play it, the video had 14k views and had been up for two days. It's probably just a transient thing. I mainly thought this was funny because I'd never seen such an anemic selection of resolutions. Perhaps you guys can try to enjoy the post in that spirit.

Edit #2: I know I said we weren't troubleshooting but if anyone wants to try it out, the video is here. I tried on my phone this morning and there are only the two crappy resolutions.

Edit #3: Credit to [email protected] here. I think they came the closest to explaining the problem. After I tried this on my phone, I tried it on the laptop and all resolutions with and without HDR were available. This may indicate that something like H.264 High Profile was used for encoding which (depending on the level) may not be supported on mobile device and it would seem, set top boxes like my Roku Ultra.

Edit #4: Some others had commented about the same problem in the video comments on YT so I told the content creator what I knew and (politely) asked how the video was compressed. Will report back if I get a response.

Edit #5: Clarified a point in Edit #3. Some mobile devices may support some levels of High Profile, or at least that's my understanding.

Final Edit: Creator did not respond to me directly but they indicated that they requested help from YouTube in the matter. Haven't checked the Roku yet but all resolutions are now available from my phone as of 2024-04-13T11:12:00.000 UTC.

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I really really don't understand how people are either so tiny brained or so fkin inconsiderate. Probably this is the wrong community to post this, as my infuriation levels are far from mild.

Like... you look up a tutorial on a specific thing. You see a list of videos describing the very thing that you want in perfect English. You open the video to see that it is in a completely different language (usually Hindi). You then feel like personally going on a mission to assassinate that video creator. /s

Like come on... I understand that English alphabets are more readable to people who speak languages other than English. FINE. I GET IT. But would it be too much to ask to at least put the name of the fkin language that your video is actually in, in the title?

Like... it would so much better for a video title to be "(Hindi) Ranked Retrieval model explained" instead of "Ranked Retrieval model explained" and it turning out to be in Hindi. Like... do these people not think? Or do they not have a brain? Or do they just not care?

I scoured through SO MANY VIDEOS and all of them have this nonsense going on. Like come on....

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Lately, I have been getting the following popup when I share various links to democratic petitions and take actions on Tribel, and it hasn't happened to me before.

So far, it has happened with trying to post the following:

  • A link to a petition to pass Automatic Voter Registration
  • A link to telling Congress to support Healthy School Meals for all
  • A link to a petition to remove Judge Aileen Cannon from Jack Smith's classified documents case against Trump
  • A link to a petition to demand the Supreme Court denies Trump’s immunity claim
  • A donation link to Stopping Third-Party Candidates Like RFK Jr. From Handing Trump Victory
  • A link to standing with Bernie Sanders in his fight to save Social Security
  • A link to telling Congress to pass the Black Maternal Health Momnibus
  • A link to a petition to demand felony charges against Cody Roberts for Animal Cruelty
  • A link to a petition to stand with President Biden and SAVE Medicare from Mike Johnson’s GOP House Majority
  • A link to Protect Pets And Wildlife From Agonizing Death in Heavy-Duty Rat Traps
  • A link to Urge Congress to pass Community Schoolyards® legislation
  • A link to telling your U.S. House representative to support the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act
  • A link to telling Chief Justice John Roberts that Donald Trump is NOT above the law and should be PROSECUTED
  • A link for signing a letter for #TaxDay2024 to support policies that make the wealthiest individuals and corporations pay their fair share in taxes.
  • A link to a petition to FIRE Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.
  • A link to a petition to give Social Security seniors a stimulus payment.
  • A donations link to stopping voter suppression.
  • A link to a petition for Congress to SAVE the US Postal Service from bankruptcy.
  • And now a link to a petition to tell Congress to close the Medicaid gap.
  • And now a link to a petition DEMANDING every GOP insurrectionist to be REMOVED from Congress.

These links so far are from the following organizations.

  • Change.org
  • Greater Good
  • Moms Rising
  • MoveOn Political Action
  • National Democratic Training Committee
  • Progressive Turnout Project
  • Public Interest Research Group
  • Stop Republicans
  • Trust for Public Land
  • Vote.org

I have tried contacting support over there numerous times already to find out what is happening, but I haven't gotten any response from them at all about it. The only answer I had gotten so far over there is from a user stating they have gotten it on occasion when I try to post a new post and think the site might have been hacked by Conservatives, or the site owner Omar may have gotten bought out by Conservatives for this to begin happening against Democratic links to help Democrats.

Right now, I'm not sure where I could be allowed to begin posting the links that are being blocked by the popup on Tribel, since I thought and it seemed like that site was left leaning. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know here.

Edit: Removed all other edit notes again and added that it is now also happening with a link to a petition DEMANDING every GOP insurrectionist to be REMOVED from Congress.

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::shakes fist::

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I know it's .ml where such things happen but ffs! This guy needs to fucking chill 🤦

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I mean, I get annoyed when I see the same thing posted to two communities back to back, but 5 is ridiculous and extremely poor fediquite.

Edit: Seems the poster is some kind of spam bot. As one commenter pointed out, they seem to have spammed this to any community with "music" in the name. And it's more than shows up in the screenshot. A LOT more.

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This thing (lemmy.world)
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Was in south Ontario, the sky was clear for about an hour before totality, and then about 15 minutes before, a big dark cloud came in and ruined it.

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A) That's not a Hyundai. It's AI bullshit.

B) That's not even the FORM FACTOR for a Palisade.

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Just so tired of almost every time a doctor submits stuff to insurance, we have to be the ones to make multiple phone calls to both the doctor's office and insurance to iron everything out, figure out what the issue is (it's always a different issue), and basically be the go-between for the office and insurance. What am I paying $500+/month for?! It's like paying for the privilege of having an exhausting part-time job.

And yes, I understand that insurance wants to weasel out of paying anything, but this isn't even shadiness, just straight up incompetence and lack of communication/following procedures. The amount of emotional energy we have to spend untangling this stuff leaves us drained.

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