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For me it's holding a VHS in the store and looking at the cover.

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I apologize in advance if posts like this are not welcome here.

I have a friend circle of 6 guys including me. Before some of us got jobs, we used to play games everyday, hang out together if we are in town. Everyone was chill, enjoyed games more and mostly respected each other to some degree.

After getting jobs we still made time to play and hang out, but not as frequently. I only get time to play games with them on the weekends as my job is in a different time zone. But I still call or text them nearly everyday. Some of them play every single day (kind of addicted to GTA online and valorant for some reason).

But in the last couple of months I have noticed a shift in their behavior. Talking behind each others backs and always getting offended for the silliest of things. This is especially true for those who continued to mindlessly play every single day (they work on the same startup company as well).

I always knew that there was one guy among us who would unnecessarily run his mouth. But I always thought of it as his way of having fun. Mybe it was his way of feeling included. Idk. So I never took any of his ramblings to heart. But everything hits differently now, in a bad way. Every conversation feels like I'm walking on eggshells. Now the others are also starting to become like him.

It's not just me who thought this way. Another guy who have been besties for a long time with the blabbermouth guy personally called me and told that the whole group feels like it's infected by something and shared thoughts similar to mine.

I want to call it out, but i'm not sure how to do that in a thoughtful way. I just want them to reflect on themselves, not that I have any right to say that. I'm not afraid of offending them as it's almost impossible to say anything meaningful without doing so.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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I'm wondering if you know about any creators making analysis or historical commentary on film.

The only one I know is Every Frame a Painting, can you recommend others in a similar vein?

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I've been watching a few American TV shows and it blows my mind that they put up with such atrocious working terms and conditions.

One show was about a removal company where any damage at all, even not the workers fault, is taken out of their tips. There's no insurance from the multimillion dollar business. As they're not paid a living wage the guy on the show had examples of when he and his family went weeks with barely any income and this was considered normal?!

Another example was a cooking show where the prize was tickets to an NFL game. The lady who won explained that she'd be waiting in the car so her sons could experience their first live game, because she couldn't otherwise afford a ticket to go. They give tickets for football games away for free to people where I live for no reason at all..

Yet another example was where the workers got a $5k tip from their company and the reactions were as if this amount of money was even remotely life changing. It saddens me to think the average Americans life could be made so much better with such a relatively small amount of money and they don't unionize and demand far better. The company in question was on track to make a billion bloody dollars while their workers are on the poverty line and don't even have all their teeth?

It's not actually this bad and the average American lives a pretty good life like we're led to believe, right?

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This progress bar is on the bottom of https://join-lemmy.org Does it automatically update when people donate to either the Liberapay, Patreon, or Open Collective? Is this progress bar open source so lemmy servers can implement it to show their donation\costs amounts?

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I wish I could teach them to play bona fide

fetch : throw light toy or object and they retrieve and drop it at my feet for next round.

Lets do it

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Just curious what are the top 3 podcasts you listened to this year on whatever platform. Antennapod released a feature that summarized your year and well the amount of hours kinda surprised me in a good way, haha.

Edit: Mine were

  • The let's read podcast
  • Therapy gecko
  • How To Survive
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I was with smarty network for a while but the signal was weak in the building so I got an eSIM from Lyca as they use EE which I’ve heard is much better with signal.

I want to keep my old number (smarty), I got my PAC code and filled in a form on Lyca website, got no confirmation, so I clicked submit again and then they showed my a duplicate request message.

I emailed Lyca support just in case as well with my details and porting details too just in case.

Next day, I didn’t get any updates, so I called Lyca, I spoke with some Indian girl who said the transfer was successful, I checked my phone and suddenly I lost signal with Smarty (old provider), and when entering *132# using Lyca eSIM it would show my old number, so I thought it’s all good now.

However the network signal came back on my old SIM (Smarty), I disabled that card in the settings, so only Lyca was active. I changed my number to the one I want to keep in iphone settings, but then iMessage won’t activate for my old number.

Whenever I call someone it shows my correct old number, but when people call me, I need to have the old SIM card (Smarty) active showing No Service, otherwise people will hear I’m not available, then as soon as they disconnect I will get a text message saying I missed a call.

Anyone knows what’s going on? Surely something is wrong as I shouldn’t have to have my old Smarty SIM card installed showing no service just so people can call me. Also iMessage still won’t activate with the old number…

I ported my number before from Three to GiffGaff (o2), then to Smarty and it was always a smooth process with text updates. With Lyca I got nothing at all through the whole process. Only difference is I’m trying to move from a physical SIM to an eSIM…

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Think about how you have treated both strangers and people you know to answer this question accurately. e.g.: If you say you like people but constantly avoid talking or doing any activity with other people do you actually like people?

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You've all had some very interesting answers for my last post so here is a question for you, how do you think about copyright in general and should it exist?

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This is my list for now:



Privacy International




Aurora store

Fdroid and other fdroid apps


Arch Linux? GNU




Mozilla firefox



Youtube Piped




Element, matrix, fluffychat

Lemmy, lemm.ee, infosec.pub, eternity

Xmanager, torrenting people, spotdl, youtubedl

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I'll try to edit in the suggestions. If possible, also link the source for more context.

To add a filter

  • Desktop: click the popup --> click the gears for Open the Dashboard --> Use the My Filters tab
  • Mobile: 3 dots --> Addons --> uBlock Origin --> click the gears for Open the Dashboard --> Use the My Filters tab


Select and drag/drop text on Reddit while logged out (source)

www.reddit.com##+js(aeld, mousedown, isSelectionOutOfRange)
www.reddit.com##+js(aeld, mouseup, shouldShowButton)

Application spam on mobile (source)

! Reddit app ad
www.reddit.com##.bottom-bar, .XPromoBottomBar

! uBO Annoyances has also this:
! https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uAssets/issues/6826
reddit.com##body.scroll-disabled:style(overflow: visible!important; position: static!important;)

www.reddit.com##body.scroll-is-blocked:style(overflow: visible!important; position: static!important;)
www.reddit.com##+js(aeld, touchmove)



RPAN (source)

! Hide Reddit 'Top Broadcast Now' & 'Top livestream'
reddit.com##a[href^="/rpan/"] > h3:has-text(/Top (livestream|broadcast)/):upward(7)

Downloading (source)

! Block downloading. Please report back if does not work or causes issues


Block the autoplay videos on Fandom.com sites.


Bunch of other fandom annoyances: https://letsblock.it/filters/fandom-cleanup

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And a bit of a follow up question because I want to complain a bit, why does it feel like most movie recommendation websites suck?

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Like, I travel around for work and I've met plenty of people from all backgrounds.

Why is there a demographic of people who don't seemingly bathe regularly, or at the very least wear something to cover up their BO? I could understand if it's an allergy, or even religious reasons (though the people I've met that smell bad are usually you're average American young adult man) but recently (like in the past week, recently) I've met a concerning number of people who don't seem to wear any kind of deodorant or possibly don't even bathe regularly; it's starting to become an issue for me, as I don't even want to interact with them when I can smell them walking up from 3+ feet away yet I need to for work.

Does anyone have any possible insight?

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Anything exciting going on in your field of work this year? Or breakthroughs in science, new technologies developed, things like that.

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Let's keep it light-hearted. For me I've seemed to notice way more conservatives back their cars into spaces than their liberal counter parts.

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You know the drill, [M]Lemmings...

I want to share TypingMasterPro cuz it is the program that helped me learn to type 2x over (QWERTY than DVORAK)

Off you go!

Whats your such opinion (discuss.tchncs.de)
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Context, I'm 30 now and i will find women my age and up attractive, but 15 years ago a 35 year old women would never have been attractive to me.

As I've aged younger women are less and less attractive (thankfully)

But when I'm 60 will 60 year old women be attractive to me?

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