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I have been trying some of the immutable linux OSes because from what I understand they are more modern and feature better security and reliability. What I have found so far is shocking. Half of these don’t support my laptop (probably because it’s nvidia optimus). Some I tried like guix were very difficult to install, configure, and use with sprase documentation. Good luck trying to use KDE, wayland, or pipewire for example. BlendOS was notably better and could at least run on my laptop but chocked with nvidia driver issues.

I have switched to pop os on my laptop for now but looking at alternatives and what to install on my desktop.

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I have no intentions of actually using Kalis long list of tools for any real reason, but I really like learning new stuff. I thought it'd be fun to crack my own wifi password and stuff like that just to understand how it all works. Is there any good place to learn how to use the tools, and how they work?

Otherwise, I can just Google each tool and learn that way. I didn't know if there was a good "step by step" guide of what I should learn and in what order though

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General information:

  • I'm using EndeavourOS, with KDE Plasma. I am very happy with my setup as it is, but since Wayland is "the future" I'm thinking of getting a move on.
  • It came default with just X11, no Wayland. I know KDE supports Wayland but have no idea how to switch.
  • I play a lot of games, I read somewhere that Wayland has worse gaming performance. I don't know if true or not, though.
  • ... I have an AMD GPU. I'm not enough of a masochist to try and use Linux with NVidia.
  • ..... BUT I've been thinking of upgrading to an Intel Arc GPU in the nearish future.

Let me know if there is any, more important, specific info I should be giving.

EDIT: I have changed. ... I felt no difference, but I suppose that is the whole point. Thank you to everyone who answered.

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I broke my old laptop, and decided to full send Linux Mint on the new one without ever using Linux before. I'm trying to help some people study math. I want to put together like 10 questions, and below them have the answers as well as the shown work to get to the answer. I'd like to be able to blur/black the answer section out until clicked or something.

I can always put the answers on a separate page or something, but thought I might as well see if Linux has something to offer

I could also code something into a webpage, but I was just looking for convenience

Thank you!

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Ok so I have a Macbook Pro 12,1 and the keyboard/trackpad has been dead for a few months, or so i thought. I installed linux in a seperate partition and when it booted, lo and behold, a working damn keyboard and mouse! Boot camp/windows hadn't fixed the issue and it still is broken when i go back to MacOS.

Now i have to wonder, is there a way I can get those drivers from linux that make the keyboard function work on MacOS? I'm running linux lite 6.6 (which i guess is a branch of ubuntu) and MacOS Monterey if that helps..

Sticking with ubuntu lol

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Hello, I am trying to setup sunshine (the RPD client) to work on linux using Nobara distro and am running into a "Fatal: Couldn't find any working encoder" I also told me to run -Dvideo-codecs=h264enc,h265enc but that returns "Command not found". Any help would be appreciated. Also just tips in general new here.

Edit: Or if someone has a better or easy RDP solution that helps too I don't mind streaming games through steams own remote play but I wish to be able to remote in from my phone elsewhere to do non gaming things.


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How to run/install a game repacked for windows on Linux? Is it possible?

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I use multiple systems, and all seem to have some kind of way to ease the use of password prompts:

On MacOS you can use the fingerprint reader, or the Apple Watch to authorize operations (yep, even sudo)

On Windows, Windows hello allows you to authorize using a fingerprint reader or specific camera setup

Fingerprint readers are not as widely supported in Linux as in Windows because of vendor limitations (they just don’t care).

Is there any other recommended way to authorize operations on a desktop computer using something similar to the other systems? (Fingerprint readers, Bluetooth auth, etc)

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I'm seeing programs freeze when I start any operation that would open a 'save as' dialogue box. The behavior is happening with all programs and started suddenly last week.

I've been able to trace the problem to a mounted SMB network drive that I access through a VPN. I have the mount specified in /etc/fstab. If I manually unmount (sudo umount -l /path/to/mount/) then all of these 'save as' freezes go away, and programs which appeared frozen suddenly come back to life. But if I remount (sudo mount -a) then the freezes return when I try to save anything.

So I have a workaround solution (unmount whenever saving, remount to continue working), but I'm at a loss for how to fix this more permanently. Weird that it began all of a sudden like this, everything used to be fine. I've tried updating and that hasn't helped. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

OS: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS x86_64

Kernel: 6.2.0-36-generic

DE: GNOME 42.9

WM: Mutter

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Wine works really well on popular games. But when I want to run a more obscure program I have spotty luck.

On a few of occasions I was able to get a few programs to run via Wine, but after an OS wipe I was unable to get them to work again. In those circumstances I know the programs CAN work, & I realize how terrible I am at troubleshooting Wine problems. Internet searches turn up very little advice for how to go about troubleshooting.

Do any of you have any procedures, rules of thumb, advice etc for troubleshooting Wine issues?

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My backups don't complete because of the following error:

bup "-d" "/media/backonmybs/BackupSSD/KDENeon Backup" "init"
bup "-d" "/media/backonmybs/BackupSSD/KDENeon Backup" "index" "-u" "/home"
b'/home/': [Errno 13] Permission denied: b'chamaco/'                  
read Linux attr: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/chamaco/'       
WARNING: 2 errors encountered.

Exit code: 1
Kup did not successfully complete the bup backup job: failed to index everything.

The main account with admin rights is backonmybs. The other account which has full admin rights is chamaco.

How can I change permissions so that backups complete successfully?

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I am running KDE on Ubuntu and I'm trying to type in traditional Chinese using fcitx-chewing, but it only outputs simplified I believe that I have all the necessary packages installed: fcitx5-chinese-addons, fcitx5-table-extra But on the fcitx settings page I can't find any option of switch between traditional and simplified. Is there any hidden settings or configuration file that I am missing?

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When trying to adjust the appearance of my KDE Neon setup, I made a mistake and now I can't figure out how to undo it. I was editing the applications in the stock Application Launcher. I can't remember exactly what I did, but I made a second entry to an application (Ferdium) that was already installed and tweaked the "Program:" entry for it. Since then, I haven't been able to use it. I even uninstalled the app, which removed the original application item, but I can't remove the copied version.


When I click on it in the KDE Menu Editor, it immediately crashes the editor and suggests that I report a bug. The bug error details read "Executable: kmenuedit PID: 3,152 Signal: Segmentation fault (11) Time: 10/25/23 6:16 PM". I've submitted the bug, but haven't heard anything about it in weeks. I might have submitted it without contact information, and if I try to resubmit it, it appropriately prevents me from submitting the bug again.

When I click on the application entry as if it to open it, I get an error stating, "execvp: No such file or directory".

Any ideas on how I can remove the application from my application menu?

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[Look at comments for solution]

Yeah, can't really explain why either...

#* /dev/nvme0n1p4 LABEL=Gentoo_ROOT UUID=1904b32b-44e0-47c0-9896-f2a72462ba35 / ext4 rw,relatime 0 1

#* /dev/nvme0n1p5 UUID=da7160d5-2c7b-4dee-99a2-f77fd94fd50c /home ext4 rw,relatime 0 2

#* /dev/nvme0n1p6 LABEL=GENTOO_BOOT UUID=3549-4E88 /boot vfat rw,relatime,fmask=0022,dmask=0022,codepage=437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,errors=remount-ro 0 2


#* /dev/sdb3 LABEL=2TB\134x20HDD\134x20P2 UUID=3abcc113-850d-4e7a-88fb-f183907b3b55 /run/media/presi300/2TB\134x5cx20HDD\134x5cx20P2 ext4 auto,rw,relatime 0 2

#* /dev/sdc1 UUID=35bb39b3-650d-45d5-bf13-795edf483ca2 /run/media/presi300/35bb39b3-650d-45d5-bf13-795edf483ca2 ext4 auto,rw,relatime 0 2

#* /dev/sdb1 LABEL=2TBP1 UUID=0c9f4f41-5129-4829-8666-c1c7ee6b0ff0 /run/media/presi300/2TBP1 ext4 auto,rw,relatime 0 2

#* /dev/sda1 LABEL=1TB UUID=199a489b-a592-4546-9b38-8ba1f0365a34 /run/media/presi300/1TB ext4 auto,rw,relatime 0 2


I've tried changing pretty much everything in /etc/fstab to no effect, another weird thing is that the system can boot without /etc/fstab being present... Though only the ROOT partition gets mounted. Any Ideas? (Ignore the *s, they are so that the # appears instead of lemmy enlarging the text)

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I would like to install Ungoogled Chromium, but I can only find ungoogled Chromium as an older version on Arch AUR and a "Ungoogled Chromium XDG" as a newer build. Can someone please explain me what's the difference between Ungoogled Chromium and Ungoogled Chromium XDG?

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Now that RedHat shut down their security mailing list, are there any good alternatives? It's super useful seeing the various exploits and patches to be able to be alerted to anything relevant you should take care of immediately.

If you have any recommendations for adjacent security topics (outside of Linux), those are welcome too.

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I've tried Apacer AS2280Q4 2TB and ADATA SWORDFISH 500 GB. Both report nvme nvme0: globally duplicate IDs for nsid 1 since Linux 5.19, if I attach more than one.

Only the first drive is seen by the system. Workaround so far has been to stay on 5.15, but that's not a viable long-term solution.

This error has been known for quite some time, and has been fixed downstream for specific distros and ssd models. Is there any chance the manufacturers will start to assign unique ID's to each drive, or mainline implements usable a universal workaround?

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I am using gdb to look at assembly but I want to print the assembly instructions and function names to a file for further analysis.

Dual Booting (lemmy.ca)
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I'm going nuts here. I hope dual boot questions are ok here.

For backstory, I was dual booting windows 10 and linux mint. Things were fine, until I think when windows was trying to update and on a restart it went to linux, and afterwards I wasn't able to boot up windows. I tried repairing windows with a usb but that was giving me hell about drivers, so I just wiped that hdd and installed windows fresh. Worked fine, got to play a game on there which was why I wanted to get back on windows, lol, all good.

UNTIL, I try to boot back to linux. Getting the grub screen, everything I'm seeing online about setting root to the harddrive where grub is was not working. Back to my tried and true method of wiping it all and starting fresh. I wipe it, get a new linux usb iso, boot into it, install linux, it says to remove media and hit enter to continue. I do that. reboot, get this zoomed in grub window where I can't type at all.

So I'm on windows, trying to hope someone here has had this happen before and knows what I'm missing or what I did wrong because this is really making me crazy.

ArchWiki and Opensuse (self.linuxquestions)
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How much effective will be reading pages of ArchWiki if I use Opensuse TW? Is there any better resources for learning linux?

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Does it get the uptime of pid 1 or something else?

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I have setup a "cloud" desktop (its running in my homelab) and I can access it with ssh forwarding. However, the performance is a bit lower than I expected. I have turned down quality settings but it is still slow. Is there anything else I can do to speed it up? The VM has plenty of CPU and a dedicated GPU.

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Pretty straightforward question: I've been using Linux for nearly 3 years now, and the only thing reminding me I was once a Windows user is... well, the Windows key on my keyboard. What's a cheap keyboard (max. €30) I can buy that has something instead of the Win key (e.g. Super, Meta, even Tux or some other logo)?

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