Looking for mods! (self.playstation)
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As this community has been abandoned, its looking for a new owner!

You don't need to be a Lemmy.zip user either, anyone is welcome to apply, just send a message to @[email protected].

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Hello there,

I was wondering if could use a extension cable for the ps camera so that can setup the camera there where i have more room to use the psvr. i think i need about 4 meters. Is that possible? Found plenty of extension cables online but no experiences how or if it works with the camera.

Also: is there some sort of stand for the camera i can place it in? something easy to setup and break down when done playing?

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Finally, ratings return!

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Naoki Yoshida has officaily confirmed that the team of Final Fantasy XVI is working on a PC verison and two paid DLC. Acording to him, we get more information until the end of the year. In addition there is free dlc that add features to Final Fantasy XVI. You arbe arble to use the skin of any weapon you own on other weapons. You are able to use different outfits for Clive, Jill, Torgal,

SpoilerAmbrosia and Joshua

They also add alternative controller layout to the game. source via X

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WipeOut was Sony’s initial first-party exclusive for the original PlayStation when it launched back in 1995. The anti-gravity racing game was phenomenal. Now it’s abandoned. So one dedicated programmer took it upon himself to excavate the game’s leaked source code and make it playable for free in any web browser.

“Either let it be, or shut this thing down and get a real remaster going,” he told Sony...

PS Plus Games for August (blog.playstation.com)
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Here is the release list for August PS Plus free games If you don't want to open the blog post the games are:

PGA Tour 2k23 Dreams Death's Door

IMPO, not exactly a banner list of games this month again

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Previous Xbox console exclusive High On Life has surprised launched on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5.

The full game costs £49.99 from the PlayStation store with no physical version currently planned.


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Yes this isn’t the first PlayStation community on Lemmy but perhaps it is a unique one.

Allow me to explain.

The community is primarily for keeping up to date with news about PlayStation. But instead of simply posting a link to an article on another website (anyone can do that) all the news content posted by the mods will be entirely readable on Lemmy. Unless of course it’s a trailer or other type of video content. Then I’ll link to YouTube in the post.

Having a news centric community on Lemmy instead of a dedicated website has some major advantages.

Because there is no website to promote and drive traffic to there is no need for click bait headlines. Because there are no server fees there’s no reason to have ads or sponsored articles.

I’m not in it to make money. I’m here because I enjoy wring about the gaming industry and talking about it with other like minded people. Lemmy allows me to do that without worrying about hosting fees, domain name fees, SEO and all of that crap.

Obviously the community is more than welcome and encouraged to post about things they’ve accomplished in games or questions about PlayStation, ask for help and advice or just to talk.

Check out these communities too.

Retro Gaming

This months PS Plus Essential games

NBA 2K23 (PS4 & PS5)
Deaths Door (PS4 & PS5)
Dreams (PS4)

Available until September 4th

Next months PS Plus Essential games

Saints Row (PS4 & PS5)
Black Desert - Traveler Edition (PS4)
Generation Zero (PS4)

Available from September 5th

There are a couple of community rules in addition to the main instance rules.

All posts must be about PlayStation

Anything goes as long as it’s about PlayStation. News about non-PlayStation consoles is allowed if it directly affects PlayStation.

No console wars

We’re all gamers and it doesn’t matter if we play on a PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC or mobile phone. All are welcome.

No piracy

Absolutely no discussion about where to acquire ROMS.

No NSFW content

While lemmy.zip allows NSFW content this community is intended to be a place for all to feel welcome. Any NSFW content will be removed and the user banned.

If you have any comments or suggestions please message me.

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