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xitter for mastodon

This was step 1 for me, and it happened at the first rumbling of Musk taking over, though I don't use Mastodon.

traded reddit for lemmy/kbin

This was step 2. I was using reddit and lemmy side by side, though mostly ignoring reddit, until the API change came through. I deleted my reddit account then and haven't looked back.

discord for matrix

I did this a few months ago.

youtube for peertube

I don't really use either...

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You could try double layered socks, like the ones you can get from the Doc Marten stores...

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How did you freeze them in the first place?

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I spend more time on Lemmy, but that's mostly because I admin an instance.

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I wish keeping fit and healthy was enough to give you an easy recovery. I ran a half marathon the week before my GRS, and still managed to catch pneumonia and have a bad reaction to the catheter

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I don't understand how you can watch tv with all of the other things you could be doing tbh.

I'm my mind, sitting in front of a device that only lets me watch things it decides on the timeframes it decides whilst blasting me with ads is one of the last things I want to do with my time.

Almost anything is better

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I'm transgender, so, that would be a no from me

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Other than blue bubbles,

I'm the one in the group DM that turns the bubbles green,

I'm far enough removed from iPhones that I don't know what this means :)

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No, they didn't share a post about how a police officer used their products.

They shared about because they were bragging about hiring a police officer that used to use their products to do surveillance before he started working for them.

Then when they were called out for that, they doubled down

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