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Nematodes, 100%. Went from clapping flies around me every 2 minutes to nothing, absolute godsend.

Order them online for around 20 dollars, follow the instructions and mix it in when you water them next. They eat the fly eggs or something, whatever it is it works within a couple of days and lasts a long time. I do this whenever the flies start coming back, maybe every month or two, and after a round of repotting because of the new soil.

I also cover the tops of pots with tape facing down which helps restrict access to the soil and some of the flies will stick to it, but I will try the sand layer instead of that now based on the suggestion above.

I hope this helps, I tried a lot of things before I found this and feel your pain!

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The link is a deep dive retrospecitve, but in summary despite being a lifelong Mario Kart and F1 fan I had never heard of this game.

I absolutely love it, the racing is very enjoyable if you don't expect powersliding style racing like Super Mario Kart.

It's my new favourite 'pure' racing game on the SNES, I much prefer it to any of the top down or left-right games like Top Gear (and I'm a fan of Top Gear!).

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Thanks for this! I haven't played it since it came out. I'll look forward to having a go.

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This sucks, I'm sorry this happened to you and I hope you're doing ok. Vent as much as you need, it helps especially in these situations where there's no recourse.

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Hi all, my first post here. There wasn't much online about the Starship Creator games (1998 and 2000) except people saying they're boring, but I've played it on and off for 25 years and I think there's a bit more to it. I wrote a deep dive into it, tried out everything like importing my ships into Dominion Wars.

It turns out the missions in the game were created badly which is why people think the game sucks, so I ended up writing a part 2, writing custom mission scripts to try and create as many choices, multiple endings and ways to tackle the story as possible. Immersive sim is a bit tongue-in-cheek but it can do an impressive amount.

Well written missions can really be like mini episodes of the show, so I think it deserves a bit more credit than it ever got!

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Thanks, yeah I'm never doing one that long again haha! Just kept finding more interesting stuff about it, there's even more on the TresCom site, very passionate fans.

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Thank you, bookmarked in case I do go back to it! I loved the Witness, Myst vibes. I love that abandoned world feeling like not even abandoned location, but abandoned world. I believe I did use the odd hint for that game too but most of it was just really satisfying to figure out.

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I enjoyed what I could manage of Obra Dinn, I really wanted to love it but I think it just got too hard for me, did you make it to the end? My memory is terrible which doesn't help. It does look fantastic though.

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A lot has been said about Trespasser but I wanted to bring the huge amount of information together with the context and comparison to other games of the same year (my retrospectives aren't usually this long!).

There is so much information on it's development now that I found it fascinating to read about.

It has been gaining appreciation in recent years, and even the most ridiculed parts are not the cheap gags they are treated as. It's very influential and mould breaking in so many ways.

As much as people love to mock it, I guarantee there's a few other people in here have loved it since release, it's one of those games!

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For sure that is another killer, halfway through but completely forgot what was going on in the game. Give up or start again?

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Yeah the cost of living crisis has really helped the backlog not increase!

Lucky for me most of my list is old games, but still feels so good to finally tick off a game after so many years.

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My patient gaming life has changed since I decided to write stuff down as a hobby.

For me I did it as a blog instead of a private log, which I found really helped. Cosplaying as a games journalist, you have to finish the review so you either complete it or you might look up a let's play or walkthrough to get what you need.

That's the key for me, some of them I've been bouncing off or just thinking about playing since the NES days and because I didn't finish them they always stay on the list. But I've finally mentally put them to bed!

I highly recommend it to anyone with a backlog, especially if you are in the market for a new hobby, 2 birds with 1 stone!

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When I was a kid I drew an A3-sized map of Jurassic Park on the SNES, still couldn't complete the game until I was an adult!

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Sure go for it, I've subscribed, looks great.

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I had trouble with the skeleton even after looking at pictures of the solution! I save my sanity and spare time by very happily using walkthroughs when I'm playing old games, I used to think it was cheating but I'm over it now.

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I moved in to a house with plastic grass, it's only a tiny patch so to be honest I don't mind, it wouldn't be worth mowing. But I'd rather it was just a flowerbed or something. Why would you want a garden if you don't like nature!

The Dig (1995) Retrospective (p7uen.neocities.org)
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I recently played The Dig for the first time, which passed me by when I was younger. I had heard of it I didn't realise it was another Lucas/Spielberg game. I'd just come off a couple of other Lucasarts games and it was quite different.

Looking back it seems quite divisive, I think because it was so different to the comedy Lucasarts adventures, but there's still a lot of love for it floating around the internet, and now I've added to it here if you fancy a long read: https://p7uen.neocities.org/posts/2023-06-23-The-Dig

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