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I thought you were exaggerating but after reviewing the thread at https://www.reddit.com/r/TheDayBefore/comments/18ee3t9/i_present_to_you_the_asset_flip_file_dump/

Yeah, this is going to keep happening.

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What's crazy to me is that the game looks as good as it does on a surface level. It doesn't immediately stand out as a "This is a garbage game that is going to lead to a studio closure", at least until you see the person actually play the game.

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Review: Analogue Duo (www.destructoid.com)
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I'm definitely pumped for this. I never had time to get into a Rise despite playing a ton of Monster Hunter World. Will be interesting to see what, if any, changes are made to the formula.

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I can’t believe anyone would approve it to begin with…

The main reason it didn't face as much resistance is how far behind Sony (and IMO Nintendo) Microsoft is in this console generation. And the merger was still really close to not happening at all despite there being no chance that it turns MS into anything resembling a monopoly.

And since AB isn't really a platform in the same way Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo are it's not as though it's directly reducing competition in that market.

And blocking the merger also benefits the market leader in the space.

And MS is a US company, while Sony isn't (which matters in the context of the FTC).

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Many updates for Skyrim have broken SKSE. That's not really a new problem. Hopefully they'll be able to fix it just like they have in the past.

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In theory I'm not entirely against the idea of paid mods. I don't necessarily buy that mods are more "pure" if no one is able to make money from them. And I do like the idea that people might invest more resources in mods than if they are effectively donating their time to the projects.

That said, things can definitely get complicated quickly once you start providing financial incentives. I think it's smart to require mod makers to go through an approval process rather than just make it open.

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Is this type of comment helpful for you? Are people supposed to follow-up with some comment about PC players are sheep and will be buy the game for consoles and then buy it PC when it releases there?

This platform war nonsense is tiring.

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So, in order to maybe not want to play future GTA titles in some theoretical future, you shouldn't play current GTA titles in order to discourage Rockstar from releasing these theoretical games?

The logic doesn't add up here, haha.

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Decentralization is expensive too judging by some of the sentiment I've seen around running Mastodon and Lemmy/Kbin instances.

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So, Google is clearly paying lots of money directly to maintain their lead in the search engine market.

Bad look for Apple as well. They say they take privacy seriously, but are selling their user's data to Google, one of the last companies you would want getting your information if you were concerned about privacy.

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The only thing the charity has done with the money donated has been to pay for it's own expenses. The rest has just been sitting in an account somewhere. No grants or anything have been made with the money so far.

At least that what the charity's filings claim.

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Vote with your wallet, and they’ll make a good game again

People are voting with their wallet, you just don't like the results.

At the end of the day, people who post on places like Reddit and especially even more niche communities like lemmy making up a meaningless percentage of the gaming market. And expecting the entire market to cater to your personal whims is just unrealistic.

The video game market encompasses people who buy Pokemon games and FIFA games is the same market where people buy Baldur's Gate 3, Witcher 3, Factorio, etc. All you can do is buy and play games and you enjoy and go from there.

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