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8 fingered Johnny...

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The Democratic National Convention, where Biden is to be formally nominated, falls after Ohio’s ballot deadline of Aug. 7. The convention will be held Aug. 19-22 in Chicago.

Since Ohio changed its certification deadline from 60 to 90 days ahead of the general election, state lawmakers have had to adjust the requirement twice, in 2012 and 2020, to accommodate candidates of both parties. Each change was only temporary.

If all the candidates aren't on the ballot, Congress should not accept their votes for president and toss the entire state out. That's ridiculous.

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You can definitely borrow some of our 4th of July. We have way too much as it is.

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I was wondering why they killed off Jeffery Jones' character, Lydia's dad. Since they brought back practically the entire rest of the main cast. That was until I checked Wikipedia. Welp, didn't know that somehow.

Also somehow he's still getting work after that. Wtf.

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This includes all class features, monsters, rules expressions and anything that isn’t trademarked as intellectual property. Essentially, you get mechanics for cover but not Beholders, martial archetypes but not the city and denizens of Baldur’s Gate.

Is this even necessary? Isn't all of that stuff already non-copyrightable?

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Really hope the environments are a bit more varied in this one.

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Especially since that's in a kitchen island. You put that crap in guest bathrooms where the only thing it's ever used for is washing your hands. Not for meal prep.

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With enough money you can buy 99% of dreams, anyways. Look at bezos: he bought his way into being an astronaut.

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Measuring calories in food is not accurate. Measuring calories by burning fuel is, but that's not how we use food.

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So what's the new land going to be called? Will downtown become midtown? Will the new stuff be Super Downtown? Downer Town?

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Yeah. Moved from FL to MD and the older places have sidewalks here. I love it. Not walking in the street is great.

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First time I approached the gas giant I fell in. I bout pissed myself. If you do go back, I suggest turning off frights for the DLC content. It's definitely willy-filled in a couple of small parts.

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WoTC is partnering with FoundryVTT to enhance it's 5e game system. They will also be selling the revamped books later this year.

There is no overlap with DND beyond, unfortunately. More info at FAQ below:

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