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Nobody said we can’t harm them before using the Guillotine

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Can we skip that and just bring back the guillotine?

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I was looking for this

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John Lennon

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I’m here to kick gum and chew ass, and I’m all out of ass

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Fluffernutters are amazing

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Silverhand was a goddamn hero

rule (lemmy.world)
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Maybe she’s just Canadian?

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They’re a trend for me, damnit!

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Guess I’m not a dude anymore then :(

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Btw, Shad is unfortunately a closeted alt-right nutcase, just not on his main channel. I used to watch his vids until I learned that and now I feel gross about him. At least I still have Skallagrim. Shad does have another channel where he shows his true colors, but I don’t remember the name off hand.

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