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Or they can just talk to each other and resolve the dispute

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"What is the greatest value a person should seek ?" and try to understand their point of view. Tell yours and see if they understand it. It doesn't have to be the same, just both need to accept each other's point of view.

My answer - humility

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Also one or a few people turning it off doesn't matter much. The tech giants still get their demographic statistics from the ones who haven't (which is the larger percentage of the population). You could be spending money on things based on targeted ads for your demographic.

In other words, you are creeped out about wondering what they could do with your personal data if you turn it on. But you should be even more creeped out about how your daily decisions are already influenced by them using others data

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Michael the Magic

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I'll hide a bunch of them at different places along with the target. So that they lose confidence or keep looking for similar places every time they find the wrong ones.

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Edit: I'm basically looking for new topics to explore to add to my YouTube feed/subscriptions 😁

Edit2: Great recommendations. Thank you everyone

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Is it still small if we include Africa in the group ?

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Wondering if anyone has experimented with using controllers (PS/xbox/other) to do anything other than gaming ?

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A wasted opportunity to natively support these features and make the user base happy.

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Or just be clear about it - Porn mode.

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Not sure if you are talking about your country or generalising all over the world. What you said is not true where I'm from, if the latter.

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Yes if it was intentionally and carefully planned according to the actors age. I understand it takes a lot of commitment, but wondering if there is such a movie out there where it is an important part of the plot as well.

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Just wondering if someone was committed enough to make such a movie

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Well if you can't tell the difference. There is nothing more to say.

Hope you can look at the world more positively and leave the rest of us alone.

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I find it amazing that if a child is brought up in a community/country different from the origin of the child, the child is still able to pick up and speak their language fluently. Our ability, as humans, to imitate and communicate is incredibly complex regardless of where we are from.

So my question is, is there a language that cannot be spoken like this? One which only people with a certain genetic advantage can speak fluently during upbringing.

Of course anyone can learn a language by putting effort into it. My question is only for one learnt during upbringing (native language).

(Not sure why my responses are downvoted. I'm a non-native English speaker. Sorry if I didn't communicate something properly. It's just a scientific curiosity.)

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