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America has always rejected fanaticism, especially since WWII. We are supposed to be E pluribus unum -- out of many, ONE. Now, the right wants America to be E unum pluribus -- out of ONE, many.

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How would one actually calculate the full "fruit of labor" in work that includes several people doing different tasks?

How to calculate between people doing the same task producing physical items seems easy. Add in customer service, sales, and development, and it seems easier to focus on what other groups pay for those skills, which is not what I want.

It also seems looking at the difference between having the role, and not. However some skills are mandatory, just less involved.

Feel free to simplify, but different tasks is a must.

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The battery has "Pb" written on it, so I assume it's lead battery.

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Does anyone have any recommendations for alternate keyboard apps on iOS that don’t censor my less-than-polite speech? Having to type certain words out letter by letter is annoying enough since swipe texting won’t spell them out. And lately it seems like even after I type that stuff out, autocorrect will still go back and change those words. Tired of my phone trying to play Puritan Nanny.

Tried just googling the question, but the only results I get are how to add curse words to the text replacement list, and I’d rather not have to go program in every individual curse word.

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I should clarify about the love part.

I would equate it to Stockholm Syndrome. I guess its like pets. They don't have anywhere else to turn :(

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Couldn't the collective threat that everyone just diasporas mitigate inflation if businesses tried to pull any funny business?

Why does it work for Monaco?

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How does it work for you?

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This is mainly directed towards those who have many and broad interests, who have somehow found a way to balance all of them more or less equally.

How do you manage to balance all of your interests that are so equal from each other? As somebody who plans to become a psychologist but is also interested in ethology, zoomorphology, archeology, and fashion history, how can I possibly engage in all of these things? Study independent courses? Watch Youtube videos on the subjects?

It just feels like there’s so little time but so much to do and explore.

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I am considering replacing my old 50" 1080p TV which I use with (external) Chromecast and Roku. I would like a 4K display 60" or greater but I really, really don't want any smart features. I am aware that I could purchase a commercial display to achieve this and that's my fallback option. Can anyone here make any useful recommendations? I am in the UK so e.g. 'Sceptre' is not available here.

In advance, with respect, I am technically capable (check my post history) but could I ask to please avoid threads along the lines of:

  • 'non-smart TVs aren't a thing' - fallback is a commercial display
  • 'Nobody wants/buys non-smart TVs' - I do
  • 'Any TV not connected to internet is dumb'/ 'Just don't connect it' - This is no longer true since many TVs require a setup before use involving internet access and/or will seek access via open wifi/bluetooth/HDMI.



Some commenters seem to be struggling with the 'why do you care if it connects?'. Some examples why:

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Like charging for every place or whatever?

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I'd like to ask about home entertainment hardware - I would have thought there would be an existing community or few but I am struggling to find any - can anyone point the way?

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I speak Polish, German, Swedish and English. 3 of them are Germanic languages so they were easy to learn because they are so closely related. Polish and German I learned as a child so it was kind of automatic.

Now I have to learn Korean and struggle so much! After 3 months I have learned about 100 words. Any tips how to get to the first 1000 words Ina reasonable time? Especially in a language where none of the words seem to resamle anything from my previous languages.

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I am business dumb, but I have a very unique mix of skills I would like to turn into a side hustle. Needless to say, there is going to be a huge learning curve for me.

Sure, I could just sell 3D prints on Etsy, but I would rather focus on B2B type work with a more hands on approach than the Chinese print farms/PCB manufacturers. (I'll start an Etsy shop for practice, but that particular market seems extremely saturated.)

So, if you have started a business before, what are some basic things that you wish someone had told you before you did? Are there good books or other references I could use?

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In the last few weeks, I frequently see some empty comments. It's just the username and no text beneath.

Is there a deeper reason behind this? Do people nowadays strip away the text instead of deleting a comment? Or did some script surface that 'makes the internet forget'? First I thought people did this before deleting a comment and the deletion just didn't get federated. But I scrolled through some older posts and they also still have comments like that, so that can't be it. Right?

Can anyone educate me?

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This might also help people find better versions of fruits they may not otherwise enjoy

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A few years ago I felt kinda lame whenever I had to "make a wish" blowing out birthday candles or whatnot and the only thing I could think of under pressure was "world peace".

Since then, I've kept a wish ready to blurt out if I ever see a falling star or toss a coin into a fountain etc

For me, it's sending my mind, with all my current knowledge and experience, back in time into my body at the moment I graduated high school, so I could re-live my life with more confidence, less anxiety and get straight into doing the cool bits of my life much earlier.

What would be your "back pocket wish"?

New reading spots (lemmy.world)
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I live alone and read books. I mostly read them at home but I'd like to go out and read. The thing is I have really bad adhd so it involves not just my Kindle but I also listen to the audiobook at the same time or I can't stay focused on the book. I just listen to it on my phone with earbuds so it's hopefully not a huge deal but it can’t be too loud or chaotic.

Where can I go out and "read" besides a coffee shop or the library. The library isn't convenient and it's a little weird going to coffee shops over and over again. I live in a big city so I'm sure there are other places I just don't know what they are.

Any suggestions?

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I work full time as a designer/builder of fixtures for a very large corporation (500+ employees). My work directly affects production. I also work in sales for a large corporation (500+ employees). At the part time job, company B (sales) I and other women were harassed. I have proof, witnesses, all of that. I am being sparing with details but I can answer questions on a case by case basis. I filed with company B’s HR, then my family told me to retain a lawyer. I will be doing an intake tomorrow. In the meantime I filed with the EEOC but I can’t get an appointment yet because they are backlogged. I need that charge to file a lawsuit.

Here is where company A comes in. Early in the year I got covid and was out for a week which I used all my sick time on. I have severe ptsd so I took an unpaid day off after that and was put on disciplinary action. If I miss one more day or am late, I am not eligible for promotion or raise. If I miss two days, I am terminated.

To file with eeoc, I will have to take what I can get. That means I may miss work at company A.

I messaged HR at company A briefly stating I needed to meet to discuss what will happen if I need off for eeoc, lawyers, or court dates.

Meanwhile, company b has given me no hours but did the same to most employees I think to cover their bases. I was not the first to complain about said manager.

If I lose both jobs, what are the chances I can get the maximum 300k for the claim? Is it worth it? What would be a reasonable settlement?

Company A underappreciates me, and discriminates against me for my ptsd. At this point im thinking both. Literally everything I do allows this company (A) to function and is made out of my ideas and creativity. I get problems, not solutions. I’ve been refused promotions multiple times despite having a degree for those jobs. I am not paid fairly at either. 26 an hour. I asked for a raise and they only gave me a cost of living adjustment of 50 cents. Company B pays 16 an hour.

Also, my ptsd is from prolonged abuse in childhood and prolonged abuse at age 29. Physical, verbal, visual, sexual on both accounts. One was convicted and the other is in a foreign country. So least to say I am mentally perturbed by all of this and very triggered. Nightmares about work are now meshed up with my abuse and I am having panic attacks at work.

Any advice would be great.

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Update: The consensus seems from Lemmy and my friends seems to be European Starling. Thank you so much everyone. I was concerned on what kind of diet this fella should be fed, looks like I have somewhere to start now.

Having issues contacting the wildlife shelter at the moment

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Besides crypto...

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