eXoDOS V6 Released (www.retro-exo.com)
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eXoDOS is an attempt to catalog, obtain, and make playable every game developed for the DOS and PC Booter platform. We strive to find original media rather than using scene rips or hacks. This collection uses DOSBox to allow these older games to play on modern systems. Games supported by ScummVM give the user a choice between emulators. All required emulators are included and have been setup to run all included titles with no prior knowledge or experience required on the user's part.

This pack includes 7,633 DOS games. The focus is on games that were either released in English or are fairly easy to play without a knowledge of the native language. This is not every DOS game ever made, however it is a very high percentage of all commercial releases. There are thousands of freeware, homebrew, and shareware games that will continue to be added in future packs.

Non English games will be released in Language Packs. Currently several are in development. All language packs require the base English pack to function properly.

There is also an optional Media Pack Add-On, which can be downloaded below. This adds books, catalogs, magazines, and game soundtracks to eXoDOS.

The games have already been configured to run in DOSBox.

New features include:

  • Universal Game Options - Full screen vs Windowed, window resolution, and aspect ratio preferences are now stored in a single conf file and applied at launch. When you run the config (either at setup or when running install for a game), it will read these values and report them to you. When making a change now, it simply changes one file, instead of going in and changing over 7,000 files. This is much quicker and makes it easier for users to customize the pack with their own settings in the options.conf file.
  • Universal Launcher - All games now have a very short batch file that points to a single launch file. This means any changes to the way games launch only need to be made a single time in a single place. An exception.bat file was added to account for games which have special options. The existence of this file auto diverts from the primary launcher. The big win here is the ability to make changes in a single file that benefit every game.
  • DOSBox Index - This goes hand in hand with the universal launcher. Now, at launch, it checks a file called dosbox.txt that resides in the util folder. This file contains every single game, along with which version of dosbox it calls. If you want to use a different version of dosbox, you simply replace the existing dosbox calls with the ones of your choice rather than having to edit thousands of individual launch files.
  • Multiplayer Index - Similar to the DOS Index, any game that exists on this list is treated as a multiplayer game, which means the ip.bat will run and generate your WAN and LAN IP's addresses in order to provide them for the host.
  • Focused Collections - eXoWAD and eXoZZT take the best user created maps\worlds\conversions and present them automated and ready to play. This is in addition to the pre-existing Unlimited Adventures work that added hundreds of user created worlds to that title.
  • All New Updater - The Updater, introduced in v5, has been somewhat problematic due to its reliance on a file host. I've rewritten it to now to check a small text file that resides on my website. This will have a dynamic link in it, which will allow me to upload the updated files anywhere I like rather than having their location hard coded into the update file.
  • Printer Support - Games with the ability to print can now do so, straight to PDF.
  • Media Add-On Pack - Books, Catalogs, Magazines, and Soundtracks related to MS-DOS games are available as an optional add-on pack.
  • 30 Second Game Videos - The first complete (almost there) collection of MS-DOS Video Snaps, made exclusively for eXoDOS.
  • Improved eXoDOS Plugin for LaunchBox - Custom installed playlist features and functionality for game extras and language packs.
  • REELMagic Games - Support for games designed for the REELMagic MPEG Decoder cards.
  • Auto CRT Shaders - DOSBox Staging's amazing feature that allows it to dynamically pick the best CRT shader for your video output and screen resolution. You've got to try it to believe it.
  • Over 400 New Games
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Emulator of x86-based machines based on PCem.

Gravis UltraSound fixes by @lemondrops in #3664
Fix GDB stub builds due to undeclared symbol by @Theldus in #3655
Update language module by @kzmidze in #3649
GDB stub small fixes: out-of-bounds and wrong packet reply in 'qfThreadInfo' by @Theldus in #3666
Update actions/checkout to v4 by @jriwanek in #3677
Add new 4.0 dependencies to RPM spec file by @rderooy in #3672
Disable the softfloat checkbox when no FPU is selected by @lemondrops in #3694
Assorted fixes by @lemondrops in #3695
Machine table fixes by @lemondrops in #3702
Init LPT before Network to fix PLIP mode. by @yishayv in #3706
SCSI changes and fixes: by @TC1995 in #3698
fix flags for serial passthrough on unix by @adh in #3691
Video, Storage and MCA changes/fixes. by @TC1995 in #3713
Fix compilation. by @TC1995 in #3714
GHA changes by @jriwanek in #3720
Assorted fixes by @jriwanek in #3719
qt: Add a warning when cpu_override is enabled by @lemondrops in #3724
Assorted Cleanups and fixes by @jriwanek in #3722
Updated Simp. Chinese and Japanese translations by @EmpyreusX in #3725
Remove several unused variables by @jriwanek in #3730
Fix Japanese translation (Win32 and Qt) by @EmpyreusX in #3729
GHA: Enable mac builds, homebrew fixes by @cold-brewed in #3731
Revert a testing change that shouldn't have been there by @lemondrops in #3735
Update the bug report template by @dhrdlicka in #3741
More video fixes: by @TC1995 in #3745
README update: Remove unmaintained managers by @cold-brewed in #3738
Issue template tweaks by @lemondrops in #3752
Future support for higher clocked CPU's + A little more lint by @jriwanek in #3753
Remove the C/C++ standard flags from the toolchain files by @lemondrops in #3754
Compaq Plasma fixes: by @TC1995 in #3756
VGA/XGA memory fix. by @TC1995 in #3761

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I never really figured out how to play this game back in the day. It still lingered with me.

It’s pretty good. Combining strategy with city building. The city building is pretty deep and satisfying. The stragety is there, but nothing to write home about. Just have the biggest baddest army and you’ll win.


Looking for mods! (self.retrogaming)
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As this community has been abandoned, its looking for a new owner!

You don't need to be a Lemmy.zip user either, anyone is welcome to apply, just send a message to @[email protected].

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The link is a deep dive retrospecitve, but in summary despite being a lifelong Mario Kart and F1 fan I had never heard of this game.

I absolutely love it, the racing is very enjoyable if you don't expect powersliding style racing like Super Mario Kart.

It's my new favourite 'pure' racing game on the SNES, I much prefer it to any of the top down or left-right games like Top Gear (and I'm a fan of Top Gear!).

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Using Ubuntu 22.04, installed retroarch and trying to import games.

Files are in zip format (also tried unzipped) and for whatever reason, retroarch refuses to import them.

I can manually select and play games but no systems show up.

Anybody ever experience something like this on Linux?

I've tried flatpak, appimg, regular install. Same results every time.

I use no-into sets.

Edit: just as a side note, I can import the same games on a Windows machine just fine.

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We all love retro games but let's face it: Objectively some modern games are simply better. For example I'd argue that Pokémon Crystal is brilliant and one of the best GBC games but BW and BW2 are simply better in pretty much every way.

However the opposite can also be true. Which retro games are just better than their newer equivalents?

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A large basement space in the Science Museum now echoes to the sounds of Space Invaders to Mario Kart as the whole space has been filled with arcade and computer games.

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