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Well, remember the bookshelves in skyrim? They had the ability to randomize which books spawned on shelves, over a decade ago. Actual physics enabled books on physical shelves, that were randomly spawned. I never really noticed, but I was going back through Skyrim modding again and I noticed the level lists had that.

This isn't super complicated.

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Does anyone know when other Bethesda titles first had a 30% off sale?

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A gun should do the same damage as another gun given it's setup the same.

A coachman with the same mods as another coachman should do the same damage.

But make it "Rarer" and suddenly it does more damage? How?

The receivers in Fo4, I could forgive for game-play purposes, maybe you could reload your brass with more powder or whatever, but the rarity system just doesn't make sense, and honestly pisses me off.

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Pretty much everyone call you 'they/them'. Hell, in Fo4, if you play as a woman, raiders will call you a bitch. In Starfield, I'm not even sure there are lines that change based on gender.

It feels like the genitalia options in CP77, whuptdy do, you can have a big dick. Changes nothing.

Same vibes in Starfield.

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Like wtf has anyone on the team gone to a club? Hell, have any of them been outside at night?

Also, the bubble suits. Did HR design them?

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Not sure if it was like this pre-patch, and you can only store weapons and ammo, but it looks like weapon storage is unlimited.

A step in the right direction, if it is from the patch.

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Same question for the hospital station. Come on Bethesda, this is something you're usually good about, giving people beds. Even lowly bandits in a skyrim cave all had beds. What happened?

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I don’t have any bounties according to the kiosks, yet Freestar Collective and Akila Security fire on me on sight. I have no idea why. Has anyone else run in to this? I’m not sure what to do other than constantly flee.

Edit: Used wrong version of “sight”

Edit: it’s all security forces except the UC.

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Until now, my favorite is Shieldbreaker. I like that there are no stairs, the first gun is way too advanced and the big cargo hold. Now I have a modified version of a Crimson Fleet ship (don't remember the name). It's a class C with huge cargo space. I put some science and workshop bays, but the stairs started to pop up. The interface is terrible at this point. What the modules show outside doesn't represent the inside.

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I’ve been playing Starfield since launch, and in the beginning I LOVED the game. It seemed like there was so much to explore and do, I felt absolutely overwhelmed.

The game I had been waiting for was here and it was SICK.

Until now.

After beating the game, doing NG+s and doing general role-play; this game is just empty.

Every planet: 98% the same

Every random location: 100% the same

Loot in containers: Always garbage

Unique weapons: N O N E

Crafting systems: basic yet, EXTREMELY CONVOLUTED

Weapon Upgrade: ????? HAHAHAHAHA

Flying: Okay, this is the best part of the game

Fast Traveling: L O A D I N G S C R E E N S

Vendors: Less credits than one gun sells for

It just feels like all this game exists of is 12 different guns, 12 different random locations, 12 different geological features, 12 different biomes, 12 different forms of weather and a SMALL handful of unique and hand build locations that, to top it off: EXISTS AMONGST HUNDREDS OF PLANETS.

I want to play the game. My mouse is hovering over it right now. But I can’t bring myself to click it.


Beta Update 1.8.83 (steamcommunity.com)
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First job of the Ryujin questline to get coffee from TerraBrew. I picked up the order but then sat with it on a bench in the lobby of Ryujin Tower for 48 hours (70 hours UT) before I completed the quest to make sure it was cold.

Hah! In your face, corporate drones, you don't control me!

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Just curious of how many players here have gone through the main story already to gauge how bad spoilers are at this point

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I was reading through this post https://possumpat.io/post/1566868 yesterday and saw the tip about hitting the space bar for the thrusters and it was just as I was about to do the battle simulator for the vanguard, man it felt so cool using the boost then spinning around with the thrusters while still going in that direction and shooting at the enemies then letting go the thrusters and hitting the boost in the opposite direction to get behind them.

I was watching the show the expanse while waiting for starfield so being able to flip around the ship like that was pretty cool like the show

ships (lemmy.world)
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what is the best all round ship to buy? large crew, shields, fire power, cargo etc

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  1. Hold RMB to focus the cutter's laser, mining ~6X faster
  2. Bind Alt as a secondary jump key to boost forward
  3. Companions only need one ammo to use a weapon indefinitely, including grenades
  4. In the lodge, the safe in your room and some of the containers in the basement have infinite storage. Some containers in procedurally generated structures do too - but none as convenient as the lodge
  5. Cancel your ship boost (with S) to evade missiles without fully using up your boost, or spam boost-cancel in combat for the engine systems perk challenge
  6. With a precise click, you can land between multiple biomes and build an outpost with resources from all. I've got a triple, and suspect a quadruple is possible
  7. Setting up an outpost with some extractors and a large amount of storage, then spam-crafting items 99 at a time, is super-fast XP
  8. Cargo links work in real-time (every 3 minutes) rather than game time. For the trick above, you'll need to produce all ingredients in one outpost (e.g: Archimedes III for drill rigs, which are a rare component so give more XP than just adaptive frames/etc.) if you want to make full use of sleeping
  9. Venus, Charybdis IV, and Katydid III all have 1:100 ratios for sleeping (1 hour slept = 100 UT hours)
  10. Being over-encumbered still allows you to sprint (but not fast travel)
  11. Health drain from moving with full CO2 won't fully kill you
  12. The more over-encumbered you are, the faster O2 drains. Being very over-encumbered can even overcome personal atmosphere's O2 regen, allowing you to rapidly drain (by stepping forward) then regen (by briefly standing still) your O2 for the fitness challenge perk
  13. The fitness perk challenge actually requires filling CO2, not just draining O2, and the "Life Begets Life" achievement only counts flora, not organic materials from fauna
  14. The ship landing animation only plays if you're sitting in your cockpit
  15. The perk you get from a non-recipe magazine is determined by how many of that series you already found, not the magazine number
  16. Magazine perks persist through NG+, and magazines respawn
  17. You get all resources back when destructing outpost modules, or the entire outpost at once
  18. You can steal starborn ships if you get there before the starborn exit, or have that bug where enemy ships are empty
  19. You can instantly fully-scan gas/ice giants from space to get survey data (and Vlad buys survey data for the most money)
  20. Killing fauna and collecting minerals/flora counts as scanning
  21. For minerals you can scan the ground areas (where you can place extractors) and dropped item versions (even if taken from elsewhere), not just the mineable rock deposits
  22. After unlocking ship thrusters, use them by holding space and a direction
  23. Novablast disruptor and magsniper can be charged by holding left click
  24. You can access ship's cargo from the menu if within 250m
  25. You can place storage adjacent on all directions, like this: https://i.imgur.com/eqfiXvD.png
  26. Hold E to pick up a physics prop, then hold and release R to throw it - the longer you hold R, the further you throw
  27. Laser weapons can be used through windows/glass
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