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What a read. We thought the world is getting smaller as people connect with each other through social media, and yet we are worlds apart on this one. These rich people just can't fathom a life without a yacht. To them, it's not luxury, it's a necessity, just like you and I need water. No matter how much education they might have had, it's not enough to get through their thick skulls to make meaningful change with their lifestyles.

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That's why anyone with half a brain understands that being filthy rich itself cannot be tolerated. It doesn't matter how "good" of a person you are. Having that much wealth completely blinds perspective.

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Wealth inequality is a disease for civility. Unfortunately, going without is much harder after you've had. I don't think people of obscene wealth can be reintegrated into society.

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The biggest problem is if any of us grew up having access to things, or even got a cess tomorrow, we'd rationalize or ignore the issues.

Humans are very very good at "head in the sand"

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