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"oh, it's a preformance piece, neat"

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I love train. U?

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Damn rip op dad

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Colloquial usage, as I am here, refers to dominance on an ecosystem, and freedom of menu.

In that way there is nothing close to humans. You.csn eat nearly any creature on the planet, ordered over the internet. Next day if you're in a rush.

Humans have no widespread predators.

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If you toy with violence, they'll show you how to commercialize it. I'm not enjoying or condoning that reality.

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I'm closer to vegan than not, I am targeting people who dance around their actions.

If you eat meat you are complicit in suffering. Don't hide from that.

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I have other comments in this chain they acknowledge that. It's a very serious problem no doubt

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Unfortunately, humans are incredibly ready to establish an "in group" and an "out group".

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Indeed, this is one of the spirals I'm referring to, but not the only variety

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You're assuming a whole lot here. I'm not discounting the existing injustices, I'm saying vigilante justice spirals out. They are separate topics.

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Once the violence starts, it won't stay focused on what "you" want. That's the problem.

Conservatives are snatching up every lower post they can, and democrats and progressives need to be doing the same. By solidifying bottom up representation, you have increasing influence over higher decisions. The left kneecaps itself and needs to stop. Fantasy about guillotines is a distraction.

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Ok not sure what I'm debating here, is it really a point of argument that some folks are fine with consuming meat? Is it really a point of argument that humans are at the top of the global food chain?

Edit are you just 3 badgers in a trench coat?

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Just seems like everything is "this company did this to their employees" and less about "this novel messaging protocol offers these measured pros and cons." Or similar

And yes, I could post things, but I'm referring to what hits the top, 12h.

Can anyone rec communities with less of a biz and politics and wfh vs in-office vibe?

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