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"The mammoth climate law that serves as the linchpin of President Joe Biden’s economics program has ignited a new zeal among leaders around the world for the kind of winner-picking, subsidy-flush governing that has been out of fashion in many countries for the past 40 years.”

“The Inflation Reduction Act’s mix of lavish support for clean energy technologies and efforts to box out foreign competitors is also promoting a kind of green patriotism — and even some politicians on the right, at least outside the U.S., say that’s a climate message they can sell.”

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The Judiciary bill has significant reforms, including a warrant requirement. The Intelligence bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing -- it would significantly expand warrantless surveillance. If you're in the US, now's a key time to contact Congress! EFF's got a form that makes it easy, or see Get FISA Right's post for phone numbers and a short script.

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  • The Supreme Court upheld Washington state's law banning "conversion therapy" for minors, despite dissent from three conservative justices.
  • An appellate panel struck down local bans on conversion therapy in Florida, deeming them an unconstitutional restriction on counselors' speech.
  • Justice Clarence Thomas argued that the court should have taken up the case and considered the First Amendment challenge to the law.
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I apologize for this childish post, but all I could think of was that scene in The Naked Gun.


And now it's come true.

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“A thought or a notion comes in and it comes out of his mouth. There’s not a lot of filter that goes on,” he said of Trump.

Some Republicans have read former President Donald Trump’s comment last week that would act as a dictator only on “day one,” as just another Trumpian quip. But not Sen. Mitt Romney.

“His behavior suggests that this is a person who will impose his will if he can on the judicial system, on the legislative branch and on the entire nation,” Romney (R-Utah) told NBC’s Kristin Welker during an interview on “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

“When he called people to come to Washington, D.C., on January 6, that was not a random date. That was the date when peaceful transfer of power was to occur. He called that on purpose. No question he has authoritarian rulings and interests and notions which he will try and impose,” Romney said.

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Sen. JD Vance (R-Ohio) said Sunday that the United States needs to accept that Ukraine will likely need to “cede some territory” to Russia to end the fighting. Vance told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” that he is opposed to sending more aid to Ukraine because he does not believe the country will ever be able to overpower Russia. He questioned why sending billions in aid to Ukraine is going to help the country at this point in its war against Russia, considering previous aid has yet to end the war. “What’s in America’s best interest is to accept Ukraine is going to have to cede some territory to the Russians, and we need to bring this war to a close,” Vance said. “But when I think about the great human tragedy here, hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans innocent have been killed in this conflict. The thing that’s in our interest and in theirs is to stop the killing.”

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President Joe Biden goes into next year’s election with a vexing challenge: Just as the U.S. economy is getting stronger, people are still feeling horrible about it.

Pollsters and economists say there has never been as wide a gap between the underlying health of the economy and public perception. The divergence could be a decisive factor in whether the Democrat secures a second term next year. Republicans are seizing on the dissatisfaction to skewer Biden, while the White House is finding less success as it tries to highlight economic progress.

“Things are getting better and people think things are going to get worse — and that’s the most dangerous piece of this,” said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake, who has worked with Biden. Lake said voters no longer want to just see inflation rates fall — rather, they want an outright decline in prices, something that last happened on a large scale during the Great Depression.

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A senior Trump advisor shared a video that seems to show an NBC reporter badmouthing Republican presidential candidates. It appears AI was used to imitate the reporter's voice.

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UPenn's Liz Magill voluntarily resigned after she faced widespread criticism for appearing to dodge a question at a congressional hearing about campus antisemitism.

House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y. — who recently went viral for engaging in a contentious exchange with university presidents at a congressional hearing on antisemitism — on Saturday praised the resignation of University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill.

“One down. Two to go,” Stefanik wrote on X. “This is only the very beginning of addressing the pervasive rot of antisemitism that has destroyed the most ‘prestigious’ higher education institutions in America.”

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“We are going to do something that I will say is slightly controversial but it shouldn’t be. We are going to indemnify policemen and precincts and states and cities from being sued. We want them to do their job. Our police and law enforcement has to come back and they want to come back and they want to do their job. And we are going to indemnify them so they don’t lose their wife, their family, their pension, and their job. We are going to indemnify policemen and law enforcement. We are going to tell them to get out, we love you, do your job.” – Trump, speaking last night at the New York Young Republicans Club gala.

Trump going after the tyrant vote.

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“A general, who’s a fantastic general, actually said to me, ‘Sir, I’ve been on the battlefield. Men have gone down on my left and on my right. I stood on hills where soldiers were killed. But I believe the bravest thing I’ve ever seen was the night you went on to that stage with Hillary Clinton, after what happened. And then that woman asked you the first question about it.’ And I said, locker room talk! It’s locker talk! What the hell?! Locker room talk!” – Trump, with yet another fake “Sir” story, last night at the New York Young Republicans Club gala. And it was Anderson Cooper who asked him about the pussy tape that night, not a woman.

So, trump has a tell. Whenever he quotes somebody saying something to him and it starts with the word "sir" addressing him, he's lying. He has made up the quote. This has been well documented.

All that this tells me is that trump would make a horrible poker player. Tell has been documented, discussed in the media, and he still won't change it. Successful businessman indeed

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“How is your interest anything but a religious view?” asked U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, one of the three liberals on the majority-conservative court. “The issue of when life begins has been hotly debated by philosophers since the beginning of time. It’s still debated in religions. So, when you say this is the only right that takes away from the state the ability to protect a life, that’s a religious view, isn’t it?”

Without directly answering, Stewart reiterated that this question about the beginning of life should be returned to the states. Justice Samuel Alito, who would go on to author Dobbs’ majority opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, helpfully asked the solicitor general whether any secular philosophers and bioethicists might also share the view that personhood begins at conception. Stewart finally responded that his plaintiffs’ interest was “not tied to a religious view.”

Despite that assurance, the nonprofit law firm that helped Stewart argue and win the Dobbs case — the Alliance Defending Freedom — has worked for three decades to change laws to fit an explicitly conservative Christian worldview when it comes to reproductive and family issues, with a focus on ending legal abortion and limiting trans rights. ADF’s systematic strategy to effect generational changes, according to its website, includes targeted litigation and legal training. Constitutional legal experts who study the religious right say the anti-abortion movement’s best chance of keeping unpopular abortion bans on the books is through its growing network of conservative attorneys and judges cultivated by ADF and allied Christian law firms and law schools.

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Millions of electronic ballots for Trump had been “deleted,” and hundreds of thousands more had been “switched” to Joe Biden, Trump and his cronies in media, political, and legal circles insisted — thanks to software designed at the behest of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez to rig foreign elections.

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