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Not at all the UK is a Zionist stronghold. They were the original colonisers of Palestine.

Israel recently staged a coup in the UK to prevent Jeremy Corbyn (who is anti israel and was head of Labour) from leading the country. They used fake antisemitism claims. Now Keir Starmer a self proclaimed Zionist has stolen control of the leading UK Labour party

Just yesterday another UK mp was vindicated of false israeli slander of "antisemitism" by judges. https://youtu.be/mbwpURVQZw4

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There are journalists at BBC that have reported they desperately want to cover the subject accurately but their editors keep removing any negative language related to israel.

This is a great example where likely a BBC editor chimed in to move the moat of the article all the way to the end to make sure most people don't read it. Mainstream media gotta keep it all israel friendly.

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A BBC report published on Tuesday on the killing of a disabled Palestinian man by Israel has drawn intense backlash, following what activists described as a "misleading headline" and "dehumanisation of Palestinians" amid the war in Gaza.

The British public broadcaster's news website initially ran the story with the headline "The lonely death of Gaza man with Down’s syndrome" — omitting mention of the fact that 24-year-old Muhammad Bhar was left to die by the Israeli army after a combat dog was violently set on him.

In the report, written by veteran Irish journalist Fergal Keane, the attack was not mentioned until the 16th paragraph — almost halfway through the piece.

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He was a top ranking military leader who arranged terrorist operations that killed a lot of people.

I'll take "what is every American president" for 100 Alex.

In all seriousness Suleimani did a lot of fighting against ISIS. Funny you use the word terrorism when speaking about a brown person too. Guess Suleimani wasn't "politically violent".

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Not just that. Israel designated this as a safe zone and told civilians to flee here.

So Israel gathers Palestinian civilians in their concentration camp in a designated building, and then systematically slaughters them after telling them they are safe there...

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Liberté Égalité Islamophobia

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Echo chamber activated. Blue MAGA wins again.

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So you are aware and still make arguments which you know are false?

I wonder which of us has an agenda here.

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You are indeed not a walking history book. It's one Hasbara after the next. Clearly you have been fully unable to learn anything about what israel is during the last 9 months of Genocide and are fully unwilling to do so.

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Oh I see you don't even know about Biden bypassing congress to send weapons to israel. Not surprising.

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Unless you’re in Gaza, you should go to school.

Why? Because of this?

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One could wonder why israel keeps designating "Hamas bases" as safe zones after they claim to have fully cleared those areas out.

Almost like israel is just terror bombing schools full of children for no reason except being a Nazi terror state.

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Israel’s military has bombed another United Nations-run school as well as an Israeli-designed “safe-zone” in the Gaza Strip, killing at least 42 Palestinians and wounding dozens of others, according to Palestinian officials.

The Israeli attacks on Tuesday hit the UN’s al-Razi school in the central Nuseirat refugee camp and a main street lined with market stalls in the southern al-Mawasi area, where thousands of displaced Palestinians had sought shelter.

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A lawsuit led by Palestinians and Palestinian Americans that accused President Joe Biden and other top U.S. officials of enabling genocide in Gaza was rejected Monday by a federal appeals court, which upheld a lower court’s dismissal of the lawsuit.

The three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court ruled that courts cannot review the executive branch’s decisions on foreign policy, even when there is a risk of breaking domestic and international law.

Protection (lemmy.world)
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President Joe Biden, who has pledged support for Israel amid the country’s ongoing war with Hamas that has left more than 37,000 Palestinians dead, claimed in a recent interview that he’s “the guy that did more for the Palestinian community than anybody.”

The president also defended his support for the Israel — his administration approved a bill to provide $26 billion in additional wartime aid to the country in April — and called himself a Zionist. “If there weren’t an Israel, every Jew in the world would be at risk,” said Biden. “And so there’s a need for it to be strong.” He added, “By the way, I’m the guy that did more for the Palestinian community than anybody. I’m the guy that opened up all the assets. I’m the guy that made sure that – I got the Egyptians to open the border to let goods through, medicine, and food,” Biden said. “I have been very supportive of the Palestinians, but Hamas, they’re a bunch of thugs.”

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The calls for Joe Biden to step aside have been met with furious accusations of treason, disloyalty, and betrayal. This is bad for the entire country

Is the Democratic party, the self-proclaimed party of liberal values and scientific data, morphing into a Maga-like cult in front of our eyes?

Over the past few weeks, the calls for Joe Biden to step aside have been met not with thoughtful critiques or reasoned counter-arguments but with furious accusations of treason, disloyalty, and betrayal.

Whatever happened to the importance of voicing dissent? Of speaking truth to power? Weren’t liberals supposed to be the folks who value open debate and discussion?

especially online; of elected Democrats on Capitol Hill; and of the Democratic president himself, since the CNN debate on 28 June, will have spotted some of those “tell-tale signs”.

Let’s start with the Democratic base – those “hyper-partisans” who “act like members of a cult because they treat their political party like a religious identity”, to quote the political strategist Chris Sosa. I have spent the past few weeks watching the Very Online members of the base embracing an endless stream of “Blue Anon” conspiracy theories, pushed on behalf of the Dear Leader.

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Israeli officials said the initial strike, which targeted the Hamas commander Muhammad Deif, hit the compound with at least five precision-guided missiles. The blast near the rescue workers was nearly 100 yards away from the entrance to the compound, suggesting a separate strike.

An aerial image of the first strike published by the Israeli military and analyzed by The Times indicates the resulting crater was close to 60 feet in diameter, indicative of a 2,000-pound bomb. President Biden has paused the delivery of these weapons to Israel since May over concerns about the civilian casualties they might cause.

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The reelection campaign for US President Joe Biden is shifting strategy by pulling attack ads on Donald Trump following the assassination attempt on his life, and instead is looking to blame pro-Palestinian protesters for the current political climate in the country.

Reuters reported on Sunday, citing campaign officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, that instead of targeting former President Trump, the White House and Biden campaign will "draw on the president's history of condemning all sorts of political violence including his sharp criticism of the 'disorder' created by campus protests over the Israel-Gaza conflict".

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Britain will not withdraw its objection to the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor's application for arrest warrants targeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his defence minister, Yoav Gallant, according to an Israeli news outlet.

According to the British government, the 1993 Oslo Accords that created the Palestinian National Authority prevents Palestine from prosecuting Israelis for war crimes.

The argument has been critiqued as flimsy by legal scholars. Palestine was accepted into the ICC in 2015, and in 2021 the court said it had the power to investigate war crimes in the occupied territories.

Earlier this month, the Guardian reported that Labour government would drop its attempt to delay the ICC's decision.

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Appeal (lemmy.world)
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