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Cultists gonna cult.

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Thick thighs & saving lives: a cross-section.

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Not pictured: excessive force resulting in arrestee’s death.

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Conservatives and harming people - a match made in Heaven

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Ok I guess that makes more sense. Was Rom a Himbo? I guess more so than Worf. They don’t mention Quark though. Jump straight to Rom.

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I assume they’re calling Worf the”communist himbo?” I don’t get the communist part though.

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Do not touch bobs or vagine.

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Most people call the bubble bath solution that you’d buy at the store and add to your bath water simply “bubble bath.” Google it.

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Translation: “too many scary brown people! White people going to be minorities!”

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Not the entire bath. They’re talking about a bubble bath premix solution, which you would then add a capful or two to your regular bath water.

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I had a thought: Someone should create a plugin to add the Kerbal star/planet system to No Man’s Sky. We could visit the lil’ green guys. Help them with their space program. It’d be fun!

Elmira relaxing (i.imgur.com)
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So I finally got to the end of the "galaxy reset" mission. I chose "Eissentam" and was transported to the new galaxy... and then I immediately repaired my ship, summoned the Space Anomaly, and used their Teleportation Terminal to get home... I left no base computer or anything behind. How screwed am I?

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I like its effervescence.

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