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I'll definitely Open Source it under the AGPL 3.0 when or before it reaches the point of "minimum viable product."

Which basically means it can technically read see most of the content on the page of what you might consider a "Web 1.0" page. In that state, the layout will be effed, there won't be any JS, Web Sockets, maybe not even animated GIFs. But you'll be able to read Wikipedia. (Though, again, it won't look like it does in Chrome or Firefox or even I.E. 6.0 .)

And then the plan is to evolve it from there, prioritizing roughly the features that most improve the range of sites and features people can reasonably use even if they don't work "like they do in Chrome/Firefox".

And if other folks get interested enough to throw labor at it, awesome. If not, hopefully something shiny doesn't distract me and get me working on something else.

And, mind you, I've been working on this for like two-ish weeks. So all I've got are some high-level requirements, design, some toy experiments to learn more about how the graphics part is going to work, and some of the infrastructure by which different parts/modules of the browser are going to communicate. There's kindof nothing to show or update about yet.

If you like, I'll save your post and when there's something to show (basically when it's Open Sourced), I'll DM you and let you know where the repo is. And you'll be able to check there for further updates.

And if anyone else wants updates, (and I can't really promise anything is actually going to come of any of this), feel free to respond to this post.

Oh, also, this might matter to some folks. I'm writing it in Go. Some folks might dislike that because it's "a Google language."

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The world desperately needs more than just two browsers.

To the point that I've literally started writing a browser from scratch.

I may rage quit the moment I get 5 minutes into the layout engine. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, lads and lassies and everyone else.

(And, in practice, my intention is to make a really really simple layout engine and make it better later.)

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I assumed they were accidental double-posts rather than being a glitch on the client end. I'm pretty sure I've seen some of those right next to each other with different numbers of comments or a different total score.

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I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has had that experience with that specific channel.

I've been geeking out on IP law for a while now and I remember watching a LegalEagle video on how Disney might lose the rights to Spiderman or something like that.

And in that video, he confused/conflated the Copyright Act of 1976 with the Copyright Term Extension act which was passed in 1998. (He said that the 1976 one was the "life's work" of Sonny Bono. The one that was the "life's work" of Sonny was the 1998 act.) And I can't say I'm that much of an expert on any branch of law, but I knew off the top of my head that that was wrong (and did a bunch of searching right after to make sure I wasn't the one who was confused.)

So, yeah, it seems like the accuracy of the content on his channel is quite suspect.

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So did we (almost) all. Maybe not as recently as you, but I think most of us (including me) are former Redditors. I personally left Reddit when they pulled that bullshit with the API prices.

We do have an upvote/downvote system, though. Do you mean running user karma scores? Or something else?

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Right. Same as me. But if it's a link to a website and you click the thumbnail, it ought to take you to the link. Unless it works differently for you than for me.

I'm using Firefox on Arch Linux on a Raspberry Pi. So it should work just like on any Windows or Mac desktop or laptop.

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On Lemmy-UI (though maybe this differs depending what theme you're using? Not sure), I can click the thumbnail to go to the article or the title to go to the comments section.

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This does not "promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts".

[-] [email protected] 1 points 2 days ago

The backup provision applies to "computer programs" only. Not TV shows, movies, music, stage plays, player piano rolls, etc. (The relevant law is in 17 U.S.C. § 117 a.)

Maybe courts would find that fair use would allow the copying I described above. After all, in the "Betamax Case", the Supreme Court found that at least in many circumstances, timeshifting can be considered fair use. The Supreme Court's decision can be seen in this document. The first sentence of the last non-footnote paragraph of page 13 (part of the same opinion written by Justice Stevens) reads "When these factors are all weighed in the 'equitable rule of reason' balance, we must conclude that this record amply supports the District Court’s conclusion that home time-shifting is fair use."

But they would have to read pretty thoroughly between the lines of federal law to do so. (And, again, that sometimes happens like in the Betamax case. But...)

So, it's far from certain what the courts would think about that sort of use.

(Again, NAL. I kindof geek out on this stuff. Lol. But I don't even have a shadow of a fraction of enough expertise to give any legal advice on this.)

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Thanks for that. Getting messages like this from outside the U.S. means a lot. For real.

Dark times, here. They were dark yesterday, but today proves things can always be worse.

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The repair cafe has a hackerspace/makerspace in back. The local LUG meets there on Thursdays. And they help maintain the 3d printers and library software at the library two doors down. As well as providing them lendable hardware put together from donated parts. And there are no due dates or late fees.

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This post really isn't the usual faire of this community. Sorry about that. If there's a better place for me to put this, definitely feel free to point me there.

But, to the point of my post, before Bitcoin became a widespread cult, back when all Bitcoin was was a couple of posts on Slashdot, back when mining it was comparatively extremely easy/quick/"profitable", I mined some Bitcoin. About 1/20 of a Bitcoin. Just by, like, leaving my computer on for a month or so. And I still have access to it.

And Bitcoin ~~is worth~~ can be sold for $62,000 USD per bitcoin right now which makes my little 1/20 of a Bitcoin tradeable for about $3,100 of real money.

Now I know that blockchain is just straight up a scam. But I've still got this Bitcoin in a wallet on a hard drive in my posession. (I know, the wallet doesn't actually "contain" the Bitcoin. Leave me alone.)

The obvious thing to do with it would be to sell it now, but that would leave some poor chap(s) holding a $3,100 bag in a way that I wouldn't feel great about.

I could just sit on it forever. I suppose I could sell it and donate the proceeds to some cause I thought to be worthy or anti-crypto. If there were enough crypto-skeptics had cryptocurrencies and wanted cryptocurrency to die in a fire, they(/we?) could coordinate to use our collective cryptocurrency in a way that most damages the market and hopefully hastens a crash-to-zero. (But the likelihood that there'd be enough cryptocurrency in the hands of crypto-skeptics to pull that off seems low.) Or I could print out my private keys, delete them from my hard drive, and ceremonially burn the papers while chanting "web3 is going great".

And maybe this post is just me asking like-minded folks to give me permission to just sell it and leave someone holding a bag so I can buy myself a new OLED TV. Heh.

Whatever the case, I wanted to hear you folks' takes.

Edit: Thanks for the input, everyone. I'm gonna sell it.

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I linked to MSN because (at least for me) it wasn't paywalled. The original source for the article can be found on the Washington Post's website here but is paywalled.

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If I had a nickel for every one I've seen, I'd have two nickels, which isn't much, but it's strange it happened twice.

And I have no idea what it means.

A couple of examples:

One and two.

submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

This was on the Netflix login page until pretty recently. I can't be the only one who thought it was unintentionally... suggestive, right?

Animutations (www.youtube.com)
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Please tell me I'm not the only one still obsessed with these things.

Edit: Woah. I am the only one still obsessed with Animutations, aren't I? They're mine! All mine!

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It bugs me when people say "the thing is is that" (if you listen for it, you'll start hearing it... or maybe that's something that people only do in my area.) ("What the thing is is that..." is fine. But "the thing is is that..." bugs me.)

Also, "just because doesn't mean ." That sentence structure invites one to take "just because " as a noun phrase which my brain really doesn't want to do. Just doesn't seem right. But that sentence structure is very common.

And I'm not saying there's anything objectively wrong with either of these. Language is weird and complex and beautiful. It's just fascinating that some commonly-used linguistic constructions just hit some people wrong sometimes.

Edit: I thought of another one. "As best as I can." "The best I can" is fine, "as well as I can" is good, and "as best I can" is even fine. But "as best as" hurts.

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And if you disagree with any of my answers, you're just wrong.

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"Vindaloo" is a running joke in the series Red Dwarf to which this song is the theme song.

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Apparently I'm banned from [email protected] now. That's a community for posting AI-generated images.

My feed is set to "all"/"new". So I see every post that comes into the Lemmy servers that lemmy.world federates with. Or at least those that come in while I'm on and browsing.

I downvote what I don't like. And I don't like AI-generated images. I downvote any that come across my feed. I don't seek out AI-generated images to downvite. (That feels too much like brigading.) So, I wouldn't, say, go to [email protected] and downvote every post there. Just the ones that "organically" come across my feed.

Today, I clicked "downvote" on a post from [email protected] and the down-arrow wouldn't change color to register my downvote. Lemmy's error messaging is lacking, so I had to go to my developer tools to find out for sure, but the server clearly indicated the reason why it wouldn't accept my downvote was because I was banned from [email protected] . (I can downvote posts on other sh.itjust.works communities.)

So, apparently one of the mods of [email protected] noticed I downvoted some posts from [email protected] and had never upvoted any posts in that community and decided to ban me.

I'm honestly not really sure whether I or they (or both or neither) am/are in the wrong here. But I was interested to see that just downvoting could get me banned from a community.

Anyone else been banned from any communities for similar behavior?

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Over-the-counter diphenhydramine, for instance, at least in my country, says adults can take "1 to 2 tablets every 4 to 6 hours."

If you decide "my symptoms aren't so bad; I'll just take one" and then two hours later your symptoms are still bad (or worse), is it safe to take a second tab then? And if you do, should you wait until "4 to 6 hours" after taking the first tablet or the second to take an additional tablet? Does it depend on the drug? (Maybe it's fine for diphenhydramine but not for ibuprophen?)

I'd imagine blood levels of any particular drug tend to quickly spike and then exponentially decay back to undetectable levels. If you take two tabs, I'd imagine that graph is just twice as tall. If you wait a couple of hours between tabs, it's got two spikes and the second is a little higher than the first (but not as high as the two-tabs-at-the-same-time spike.)

If the concern is total concentration of drug in the bloodstream at any one point, a second tab a couple hours later is less of a concern than two tabs at the same time. If the concern is total area under the curve, then probably there's no difference between two tabs at the same time and a couple of hours between. If the concern is total time spent with a blood concentration of such-and-such, I could see there being more concern with taking a second tab just a couple of hours after the first.

And maybe there are other effects that I'm not aware of. Maybe if the blood concentration kicks up to two-tabs-at-once levels, the liver kicks into high gear, clearing the drug out quicker, but if you go a couple of hours between tabs, the liver neve kicks into high gear or some such.

And maybe this question hasn't even been well studied and maybe there's not really any good answer. But if there is, I'm curious.

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This guy's one of the few and the brave actually saying publicly that AI is a bubble. I think most other public figures are scared to be proven wrong and made to look foolish. Doctorow's not committing to the idea that AI will never have any use, but at least he's countering a lot of the ridiculous claims the "AI Industry" is making lately.

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I've got a pretty severe sensitivity to -- of all things -- sugar. (I know, "sugar" isn't very precise, but I'm pretty sure it's either glucose, fructose, or sucrose.) I virtually never eat anything with added sugar or anything with any significant amount of natural sugar. And I've eaten that way for like 20 years now. I'm practically blind to half the produce department (any "sweet" fruits like apples, pears, cherries, grapes, oranges, etc) at the grocery store, let alone the candy isle.

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