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let me list two not federated options.

but both are self hosted.

  • lobsters. one active instance is lobste.rs but i know of https://սարեան.ցանցառներ.հայ

  • if you use gemini protocol, you probably know about it: bubble is a reddit like software. i know about two deployments, the original, by the author is at gemini://bbs.geminispace.org

users also can have their blog feeds on it.

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xmpp (jabber)

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alas, i am afraid that even if ukraine is able to restore its territorial integrity, most of russian citizens won't understand that their government did something wrong. russia won't ever be humiliated like nazi germany, to force people to think what they did wrong.

i am afraid of newer russian revanshionism and i am afraid of what their post imperial phantom pains will make them do in the future.

my impression is that majority of the russian citizens feel pain regarding the 'lost lands' as they often put it, as a result of ussr collapse.

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i saw somewhere yesterday that it also removed siskin (or snikket? or both?) xmpp client.

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i believe this apple update was introduced after the court which ruled that it is ok to force you to unlock with the fingerprint, but not ok to demand the pin.

there was a case when police wanted to unlock a gangster's girlfriend iphone.

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yeah, i have a historical oberon compiler for palm pilot.

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i am thinking of lora.

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it has to do with tho opposite, software that controls users.

license to seat (web.archive.org)
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i use nfs. always. every minute my computer is online it has a mounted directory from my server.

via nfs and wireguard.

i tried lots of things but nfs which listens on wireguard ip is the best i ever achieved.

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from fabrice bellard.

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gui program developed with lazarus/freepascal, compiled for amiga, works same way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKGS6fcLLOE

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video features old computer with tui interface at miyata textile co. the operator loads software from tape on MZ-80K2 CLEAR(or CLEAN?) COMPUTER.

screen shows: FOUND MR-463 (DATA) LOADING MR-463 (DATA)

the software writes: ** AUTOMATIC PATTERN PUNCHING SYSTEM ** MR463-01 and then there is a menu.

looks amazing.

Maximum resolution of Atari ST (www.atari-forum.com)
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Because in low res some 416x274 is possible, in med res maybe can pull out 832x274 - still little less pixels than in mono.

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companies that do IC design, do it under linux. traditionally they were using proprietary unixes, but today it is mostly linux and redhat or compatible systems.

engineers are using rhel workstations from dell and hp that are supported by vendors to work under linux: let's say bios updates are possible to run from within linux.

their whole workflow depends on unix with many custom scripts (shell, perl, tcl) and simulations, usage of shared filesystems, and even x forwarding.

afaik IT departments in such companies aren't happy to support linux workstations and the trend is to move the workflew to linux servers and let the engineers to connect to those via ssh, vnc or x or commercial solutions like 'citrix'.

my understanding is also that companies design some requirrments, though maybe based on what is available on the market, and love to have support and solutions that are integrated with each other. microsoft still has everybody hooked up, their 'active directory' feels to IT people necessary, they also use microsoft's disk encryption, and/or third party windows software which encrypts everything written to usb flash drives to prevent leakage of what they call 'intellectual property'.

it is of course possible to do luks encryption of linux disk drives, but afaik rhel doesn't support it, or rhel versions these companies tend to use, since they tend to use very outdated systems, even eol unsupported systems, because 'customers still use those'.

i am also not aware of linux versions of those draconian services that encrypt everything that gets written to the flash drives, or that monitor/control computer usage, web requests, etc, so companies are interested to concentrate unix systems in data centers and get rid of linux end user workstations because these require custom approaches or draconian control software is not available, while windows users can be controlled better, with available corporate solutions.

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does mastodon have something like high priority/importance notifiication? i can imagine how such sms may come, but in order to get that notification via twitter or mastodon, what should you do? run the apps in background and check all notifs, like someone faved your food foto, and then you are like, okay, this wasn't it.

i just don't know how this works and really curious.

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awk often can be found in my scripts.

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