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[-] [email protected] 71 points 3 weeks ago
[-] [email protected] 25 points 3 weeks ago

Yep, I always thought the cartoon renditions of a green blob on top of a brown stick were more realistic than they are.

[-] [email protected] 15 points 3 weeks ago

I remember beong blown away at the definition in the leaves i could see driving home after getting my first glasses.

[-] [email protected] 14 points 3 weeks ago

Legit was mindblown when my friend got glasses and was so fascinated that trees had leaves! Happy to know that appreciating this beautiful detail of nature is a bit of a universal experience

[-] [email protected] 4 points 3 weeks ago

This was one of the first things I remember noticing too! It’s interesting to hear that so many people also noticed tree leaves first.

[-] [email protected] 49 points 3 weeks ago

People meters away have faces

[-] [email protected] 30 points 3 weeks ago

I was shocked to learn how far away people can read and recognize my face. Much was explained that day.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 3 weeks ago

"Wait. I can see where they're looking at from this far away. That means... Oh man."

[-] [email protected] 7 points 3 weeks ago* (last edited 3 weeks ago)

Like your first fart or boner after cochlear implants.

[-] [email protected] 4 points 3 weeks ago

B-boner? Tf kinda noise is your boner making?

[-] [email protected] 9 points 3 weeks ago

What, you can't hear it? I hate to say it, but you might want to get your ears checked. Everyone else can hear it, people around you have probably just been courteous enough not to mention it.

It sounds like this.

[-] [email protected] 43 points 3 weeks ago

Is the leaves thing common for people who get glasses for the first time? That was the most intense sight for me at 25 years old, was seeing the individual leaves on a tree like 50 feet away

[-] [email protected] 39 points 3 weeks ago

Yes. Going from thinking “yeah, that’s a tree ofc” to talking like a paid shill to everyone I know “I CAN SEE EACH LEAF!!! ITS LIKE I’M SEEING IN HD”

[-] [email protected] 14 points 3 weeks ago

Lmao like we're selling snake oil

[-] [email protected] 12 points 3 weeks ago

For me it wasnt be cause I had heard that so many times from others before I started regularly wearing them. I think for me it was seeing how bad a bunch of my old games actually look. I can still take em off and make em look good again

[-] [email protected] 9 points 3 weeks ago

Ol' CRT eyes here

[-] [email protected] 27 points 3 weeks ago

I remember being absolutely blown away that you could see planes in the sky

[-] [email protected] 22 points 3 weeks ago

I was 15 when I first got my glasses. I walked out of the opticians to the bus stop and was stunned that I could actually see and READ the number of the bus approaching from 500 yards away and not when it arrived at the stop.

[-] [email protected] 22 points 3 weeks ago

The weirdest thing that happened to me when I got my glasses was that it felt like I was going to hit them with the food I was eating, I was 15 at the time

[-] [email protected] 9 points 3 weeks ago

I'm not sure if this is a quirk of perspective or an admission that you shove your face too far in your food but it's funny either way.

[-] [email protected] 5 points 3 weeks ago

Heck it could be a weird mental thing from too many first person video games

[-] [email protected] 20 points 3 weeks ago* (last edited 3 weeks ago)

I found out I needed glass when I tried my friend's glasses for fun and saw better with them. Twas very depressing actually, realizing I've seen stuff wrong for so many years. Things is I only have -1, so it's not bad enough to significantly affect daily life, tho it is significant enough in how I experience views. Now when I travel I always have a pair with me for whenever I truly want to enjoy the sight of something. Otherwise I avoid my glasses like the plague.

[-] [email protected] 8 points 3 weeks ago* (last edited 3 weeks ago)

Also -1 here. I was convinced throughout my studies that my university was being super cheap on the projectors, getting always some shitty, soft ones. Ranted about it the whole time. Wish it was the beamers.

[-] [email protected] 9 points 3 weeks ago

My third grade teacher was getting mad at me for several weeks for reading my own books in class until she asked me WHY I suddenly wasn't paying attention and I told her it was because I couldn't see the board.

I'm still curious about what exactly went through her head in that moment because her facial expression was wild. Some combination of "I'm sorry for assuming" and "this fucking kid..." I have to assume.

[-] [email protected] 6 points 3 weeks ago

This is similar to me. My mom was even grumpy with me but I was like how was I supposed to know. It's gotten worse now and I actually need them to see small text on screens but I can still function without them. I wear them so my vision doesn't get worse from straining though.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 3 weeks ago

Very similar story here, when I finally had glasses it was so weird to realise that stars aren't blurry, and it's in fact normal to be able to see individual leaves on trees, but I never noticed I needed them for many years, because everyday life wasn't affected for me.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 3 weeks ago

Yea... The sky in general is completely different. Knowing that clouds are actually sharp and don't look like cotton candy was quite a shock. Like all those old paintings make soo much more sense now.

[-] [email protected] 17 points 3 weeks ago

One of the really hard habits to break was always looking at my feet when walking

It was primarily because seeing further than that was pretty rough

Though the leaves being back on the trees was pretty great too

[-] [email protected] 16 points 3 weeks ago

I paid for eye insurance when I first landed a "real" job that has benefits and got an eye check up and the optometrist was like "you're just barely off from 20/20, not really even a prescription" and i was like oh geez what a waste of time.

And then I put on the pair of glasses and it was like this. Just every tree looked magical.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 3 weeks ago

So what are you saying? Even with pretty good vision it makes a massive difference?

[-] [email protected] 2 points 3 weeks ago

well, I can only speak from my own experience. I forget the exact prescription but my eyes were also slightly off so one was worse than the other and neither was perfect.

Idk if it's just that significant or if it's having them align but it made tree leaves just look individual and pop for me. I was staring at every tree and saying how they look so cool and it was only later that I learned this common tree meme among people who get glasses.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 3 weeks ago

Makes sense, thanks!

[-] [email protected] 1 points 3 weeks ago

The lenses might have had good coatings which helps cut haze a bit.

[-] [email protected] 10 points 3 weeks ago

Lol me @ 7 years old

[-] [email protected] 9 points 3 weeks ago

I remember really, really wanting glasses because I thought they were cool. I thought it was cool to see two "different" worlds. I even tried to lie on a eye exam.

Well, ask and you shall receive I guess.

[-] [email protected] 6 points 3 weeks ago

I still don't like wearing my glasses. Sometimes I just use the pinhole method just so I don't have to wear them. I'm not super blind, just near sighted. I can get about my day without them most of the time. I just find them way to distracting.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 3 weeks ago

Same for me. I don't like how I look with them and they get in the way. But I have to admit that they are a huge help for reading street signs or recognizing people from far away... But when I'm not outdoors, I really don't like to wear them.

[-] [email protected] 6 points 3 weeks ago

I was 5, don't remember, but my parents clued in asking me about a dog at the park. "Uh... doggy...?"

[-] [email protected] 6 points 3 weeks ago

It was like getting a new GPU for your computer and you can finally max out the graphics settings.

[-] [email protected] 5 points 3 weeks ago

There's nothing more satisfying than reinstalling a game and cranking all those sliders to max.

[-] [email protected] 5 points 3 weeks ago

Do we have a Chicken Thoughts community here on Lemmy?

[-] [email protected] 4 points 3 weeks ago

The fucking moon and Stars the First time i looked at the nightsky after i got my glasses ... I dont remember when or where it was, but i still remember the feeling

[-] [email protected] 1 points 3 weeks ago

Yeah.. I lost them a while ago, my eyesight is dropping very quickly

[-] [email protected] 3 points 3 weeks ago

Reminds me of an interview with Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO fame. The day he got glasses, he started drawing the tree branches he saw for the first time. His teacher said he drew trees better than she did, and that's why he draws every day!

[-] [email protected] 2 points 3 weeks ago

... the snowflakes glisten on the tree...

[-] [email protected] -2 points 3 weeks ago

at what point should one have laughed?

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