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Looks like there are a variety of sedum species suitable for your climate - but don't know how rough your cats are and if they would tear that up. You could try a variety of herbs like mint - might be a source of interest for the cats.

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You need to provide your climate region, e.g., USDA zone

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But have you tried talking to your doctor?

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Pest inspection at the least. You want to know if you have dry rot or termites.

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Recession incoming?

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Strip park or business strip

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Whichever version mods work better with. E.g., widescreen support

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How patronizing is this

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Yooo. I'll give a dollar to anyone that throws a shoe at them.

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I wonder how many Malaysian employees will be the brains behind this "AI" tech

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Fasten the key to the inside of the backpack in a way that doesn't come off. Kid is going to have their backpack.

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Today marked the third time my spouse has lost their battle with the garage door opener.
We have historically been used to a smaller car. But upgrading to a new EV crossover (a year ago) has brought with it its own challenges.

The first time it happened, the lift gate was up when the door button was pressed. Minor scratch to the plastic covering the light bar.

The second time, a few months ago, a scratch in the back metal that is somewhat noticeable. They said they were tired after a long day and the washer door was open so it seemed like they needed more space and weren't thinking enough when they closed it.

The third time, tonight, they were also tired. No washer this time. Noticeable small dent in the metal panel accompanied with a scratch that went thru to the metal underneath.

I have gone ahead and finished putting up the tennis ball on a string as a guide. I started the idea after incident #2 but procrastinated on putting it up as I thought that was the end of it. I learned we needed it.

I have let them know that accidents can happen, but that they can be responsible for getting it fixed. It's ok. We just need to keep this car now until it dies.

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Looking to see if you know of any restaurants doing anything interesting for reducing takeout plastic waste.
Deposit for using Pyrex? Discount for byo? Etc

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