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Haha! Your epidermis is sticking out!

[-] [email protected] 4 points 14 hours ago

Added an usb drive by its /dev/sd** identifier to fstab without the nofail option. Wanted to do a quick reboot for something I can't remember, then copy the files over to the USB drive, since I'd need them on the next day and… no boot. The reboot had assigned another name to the drive (/dev/sdb instead of /dev/sdc or something) and automount wouldn't skip it because nofail was missing. In the middle of the night, with files I required right the next morning. Fun times.

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nonono! That's too fast! No, no! I'm scared! Terrified! Make was one thing but make install? I need to call my therapist, the anxiety is taking over again!

[-] [email protected] 13 points 16 hours ago

I know it's scary, but you gotta make at some point!

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Am I the only one who read “Ok Wolves” in that weird intonation one does when calling up the Google Assistant?

[-] [email protected] 12 points 19 hours ago

Or where he makes some awful dish to “use the fruit” just to throw that away, having wasted even more time, energy and resources in the process.

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Here in Germany there is a "sparkling sports water" thing that is apparently infused with oxygen (instead of.in addition to CO2 for sparkle,.idk). Same bullshit. They marketed that as enhancing your power through the O2.... You know? The O2 in your stomach where you luckily cannot breathe.

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You can make your speakers go BRRRRRRRRR via Home Assistant with it

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With my G604, the rubber sheet on top of the mouse comes loose after 2 years or so. Started again yesterday. Once it starts to disintegrate, I'll just leave Logitech behind for good.

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Hey, I'm really stumped by this issue so perhaps one of you folks might be able to help me out here. I run a little server on an RPi 5.i got for another project originally. So ce I cannot finish said project due to time constraints, I repurposed the thing into a little server. It's running smoothly so far with one really weird exception. Whenever I attach more than 1 HDDs to the pi and use at least 2 at the same time, both HDDs will start to fail, unmount and the whole USB hubs I connected them to will just disappear from LSUSB. Originally I thought this was a power issue but the weird behavior continues when I connect each HDD to it's own powered USB hub. I'm really at a loss as to what's happening. Any ideas?

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Walked right into this one, didn't he?

[-] [email protected] 161 points 6 months ago

Civil "war": the mighty Empire and the heroic Sotrmcloaks deployed their vast armies and the clash of the 12 guys began!

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Hey there,

I recently got increasingly annoyed by all the newsletters that keep to pop up in my (admittedly rather old) E-Mail-Accounts and I thought it might be a cool idea to have them unsubscribed from in bulk. Now I know of services like unroll.me, but those will of course scrape everything they can from your mail account. So: Is there any self-hosted alternative to these services so I can run them myself?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hey there,
I'm in need of a bit of wisdom here:
I recently got myself a shiny new Vserver and have it running exclusively with docker containers that use regular volumes.

Now: how would I back this thing up? I mean, I have read a lot about borg for example, but I'm not sure how to do it the right way:
Do I just copy / to a repo and fiddle the data back in place if stuff goes wrong, or would it be wiser to backup the volumes, do a docker save and export the images to a folder and then send that to the storage box?

Since docker should stop the containers to prevent data inconsistency during a backup: How do I tell Borg to do that? I've seen several approaches (Borg Dockerized with some sort of access to docker's .sock, Borg setup on the host, and some even wilder approaches).

Since Backups aren't something you can "try again" once you need them, I'd rather have a solution that works.

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So this has.me confused for some time now:

On kbin, I can follow other Fediverse users and see their Mastodon posts and all, but the accounts I followed do not appear on my Microblog feed. What's up with that? How am I supposed to interact with the followed accounts? I love that kbin wants to embrace everything Activitypub has to offer, but I didn't quite get behind this one.

me_irl (media.kbin.social)
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Ich bin mal gespannt auf Meinungen zu diesem Artikel, mit dem ich persönlich ein Thema habe.

Ich meine, das Sprichwort "Where there's smoke, there is fire" wird auch hier zutreffen und an den Vorwürfen gegen Til Lindemann wird am Ende was dran sein, ich glaube nicht, dass die Menschen, die ihre Geschichten öffentlich gemacht haben, lügen.

Gleichzeitig finde ich es verwerflich, wenn Artikel wie dieser hier direkt alle, die auf z.B. Gerichtsverfahren warten, bis sie Vorwürfen Taten folgen lassen, statt der Medienberichterstattung blind hinterher zu springen. sehr direkt in die "AfD-Wähler" und "Klimaleugner"-Ecke stellen. Vor einigen Monaten wäre da noch ein Hinweis auf Impfgegner und Maskenverweigerer mit drin gewesen.

Hier wird alles was man "falsch" findet auf den selben Typ Mensch heruntergebrochen und damit eine Ablehnung desselben legitimiert. "Der hat noch ein Rammstein-Lied in der Playlist? Der wählt doch AfD!"

Ich finde den Trend, öffentliche Verurteilungen auf Medienberichte zu stützen, sehr bedenklich. Gerade, nachdem der Spiegel gegen Rammstein ja scheinbar eine Klatsche vor Gericht kassiert hat, weil die angeblich bestehenden Quellen in diesem Prozess irgendwie verpufft sind. Jedenfalls ging das aus den Auszügen hervor, die ich vom Unterlassungsurteil aus Hamburg gelesen habe.

Ich finde tatsächlich, dass wir sorgfältiger sein sollten, als "Der Spiegel hat geschrieben, dass jemand gesagt hat, dass wer anderes was schlimmes gemacht hat, also ist jeder ein ewig gestriger Klimaverweigerer, der nicht sofort alles blockt und stoppt, was dieser andere so macht und wer 'Beweise' abwartet, ist eigentlich mehr so ein Verschwörungstheoretiker". Das macht das selbe, was wir auf der rechten Seite beobachten: Es schafft ein vermeintlich monolithisches Feindbild, gegen das vorzugehen man jedes Recht habe. Dabei fliegt so etwas wie die Unschuldsvermutung oder die Beweislast einfach aus dem Fenster.

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Let's not forget that thread's data collection is so atrocious that it didn't launch in small and exotic markets like... Say.... The whole of the EU.

Success kid (imgflip.com)
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