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And if they are not let back in who will hold Israel accountable? Many of the people being bombed refuse to leave their homes for this very reason (as well as the south getting targeted by bombs/no shelter/no supplies either way so might as well keep whatever semblance of dignity they have left). They don't trust Israel to allow them to return home due to historical precedent.

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Fries but also the place desecrates poutine and probably shawarma too (who cares, fast food) so it's all for the memes.

They have a channel with a bunch of skits too the guy who does them is pretty funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEnd7SQak5A

HADES II Development Update (www.supergiantgames.com)
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We now can confirm we're planning for Hades II to launch in Early Access in Q2 2024 on Steam and the Epic Games Store. We'll have more details on the exact date, pricing, and system requirements closer to that time.

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After many rumors and leaks , today it has finally been announced that Borderlands 3 will be coming to Switch this year. The official account of the game on

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Didn't the meme originate from Chinese social media lol? A bit of a reach

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I got access to the beta yesterday like a lot of other people and I was surprised to find that the game ran horribly on my PC. The FPS numbers are a bit lower than I would expect at an average of 90 but the actual dips are horrendous and it hangs for seconds at a time making it pretty much unenjoyable.

Specs: Ryzen 2600 with moderate overclock. RX 6700 XT, 16GB dual channel RAM at 3000MHz, 1440p resolution.

Monitoring utilization during a deathmatch game shows that nothing is exceeding 50% util (CPU, GPU, RAM or VRAM usage) at 2560x1440 no super resolution on medium-high settings. CPU util is roughly 35-40% most of the time which seems to be the main issue. Lowering graphical settings or resolution doesn't impact FPS noticeably. CSGO and other games run as expected.

It's kinda behaving as if multicore is disabled but from what I could find that's not a setting in CS2 and it should be always enabled. Anyone encounter similar issues? I know the Ryzen 2600 is a little old but benchmarks show comparable CPUs closer to 200 FPS.

Edit: Found something that helped with the hangs/stuttering. FPS is still not great but at least the game is playable now. Find cs2.exe under the default install path of C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\bin\win64 -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Disable Full Screen Optimizations

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Fantastic value at 60USD

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He also tried to design a windowless mega-dorm as a weird social experiment of sorts. All around great guy

In his October 25 resignation letter to UCSB Campus Architect Julie Hendricks, Dennis McFadden ― a well-respected Southern California architect with 15 years on the committee ― goes scorched earth on the radical new building concept, which calls for an 11-story, 1.68-million-square-foot structure that would house up to 4,500 students, 94 percent of whom would not have windows in their small, single-occupancy bedrooms.

The idea was conceived by 97-year-old billionaire-investor turned amateur-architect Charles Munger, who donated $200 million toward the project with the condition that his blueprints be followed exactly. Munger maintains the small living quarters would coax residents out of their rooms and into larger common areas, where they could interact and collaborate.


Thankfully it did not get approved.

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NOTE: Please backup your saves before attempting any of this as it involves modding your game files and that always poses a risk of data loss if things go wrong. Also, there may be some differences between original and remaster that I'll mention.

So the Knoxx DLC is notorious for being a driving simulator and BL1 DLC not having any fast travel stations except for the starting areas makes farming very tedious. Fortunately, there are ways around that on PC:

The "simple" way for Crawmerax and the Crimson Lance Armory

  • Download the Essentials Mod by LegX

Remaster/Enhanced version: https://www.nexusmods.com/borderlandsgotyenhanced/mods/7

Original version: https://www.nexusmods.com/borderlands/mods/34

  • Extract the WillowGame folder into your installation directory with the same existing folder: eg. a default Steam install should be in \Steam\steamapps\common\BorderlandsGOTYEnhanced\WillowGame\

  • Go to save data location eg. \Documents\My games\Borderlands Game of the Year\WillowGame\Config

  • Open WillowEngine.ini. Search for DefaultGlobalsDefinitionName=gd_globals.General.Globals

  • Replace it with DefaultGlobalsDefinitionName=gd_globals_custom.General.Globals

  • Launch game

  • Open Pause menu -> Options -> Mouse and Keyboard -> Keybindings -> Bind Fast travel to Craw/Knoxx Armory to whatever button

Notes: If you travel with the bind and are done with the area make sure you save quit instead of just traveling to it again as that will not save your current progress\

Also binding Fast Travel UI lets you fast travel from anywhere which is a big QoL improvement.

The manual way for Ajax (and Craw/Knoxx if needed)

  • Go to \BorderlandsGOTYEnhanced\WillowGame\CookedPC\DLC3\Maps

  • Copy dlc3_gondola_p.umap

  • Go to \BorderlandsGOTYEnhanced\WillowGame\CookedPC\Maps\Arid

  • Paste dlc3_gondola_p.umap

  • Rename Arid_SkagGully_P.umap to something like Backup_Arid_SkagGully_P.umap for safekeeping

  • Rename dlc3_gondola_p.umap to Arid_SkagGully_P.umap

  • Launch game

  • Fast travel to Skag Gully

  • You should spawn within 1 minute of Ajax as shown here

  • For Lance Armory and Crawmerax Repeat with dlc3_uberboss_p.umap for Crawmerax and dlc3_lancedepot_p.umap for Armory which can also in found in \BorderlandsGOTYEnhanced\WillowGame\CookedPC\DLC3\Maps

Another map you can replace is 'Arid_Cave_P.umap' which corresponds to The Lost Cave. You can use any map as a replacement but those are just the ones I've used before.

Note: the gondola file for Ajax may only work for the remaster or there may be a better one to use for the original if you search the large .umap files for yourself and try each one you might be able to find one that spawns you right in front of his area in the original version of BL1

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The political compass isn't real

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They can just phrase it a little differently and argue semantics in front of a bunch of 70 year olds who don't know what a browser is in a hearing or two. Maybe a couple campaign contributions through completely legal channels and that's that. Anti trust enforcement has been falling in the US for decades.

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I've been looking at the current state of the GPU market since my RX 580 4GB is gonna be faced with 1440p soon and, while prices are still pretty bad, there's a few value options.

This was to suit my own preference but I thought it might be useful for others with similar needs. No preference towards Nvidia and I only care about rasterization so not looking at extra functionality/features making the shortlist basically just the AMD 6000 series midrange.

The standouts being the RX 6650 being the best overall value at ~$290 if you're fine with 8GB of VRAM and 6750 XT (or 6700 XT) for 12GB at ~$420 (these needing a good sale to reach that price).

The relative performance is from benchmarks at 1440p Ultra settings where 4090 performance is the baseline of 100% which should be representative of the average usecase for these (1440p and mostly not CPU bound).

There's nothing that offers 12GB under $380 (3060 12GB sacrifices some performance for 2GB of VRAM over the RX 6700) which is a shame in my opinion as 8GB is slowly becoming obsolete and has a good chance of shortening an otherwise serviceable card's lifespan.

I included the RX 7700 on there because there have been leaks about it and while they say it will be above 500USD, there's always the chance that AMD stops giving up free market share and puts it out at a reasonable price instead of slashing its price significantly 2 weeks after launch like it did with the higher end model recently. It makes sense for it to release around the release of Starfield (which they're giving away with their current GPUs) so might be worth holding out for that if nothing else comes up.

Otherwise, a sale on the 6750 XT seems like the best choice if you're willing to spend $420+tax on a GPU in terms of longevity and performance at 1440p.

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I get the same as the main post. Either way the point still stands. I had someone correct me with a misconception about something because he googled it and thats what it said in the answer box. It's getting increasingly difficult to rely on search results especially when google synthesizes them into questions and answers with little context

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we didn’t ‘sell’ the monoblock, but rather auctioned it for charity due to a miscommunication

I don't think you're making the point you think you're making

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Thanks for joining in! The canvas is now finished!

I’m going to be leaving the canvas up and read-only for a couple days, but not too long.

This was incredibly fun to host, thank you all for participating!

Future Events

I’d love to make this a yearly event. Expanding from just Lemmy to the entirety of the fediverse aswell!

I’ll reuse this Lemmy community & the Matrix space for that event

If you have suggestions for future events, post them in a comment on this post, each suggestion as it’s own comment so people can vote on them



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A short while after his last video on why its basically impossible, he's been proven "wrong".

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The Canvas event has started. You can go there with the above link and sign in by entering your instance name (lemmy.zip if you're a user on this instance) and your username (no password entry is required).

After that you will receive a DM on Lemmy with a code that you can enter on the canvas site to confirm your identity. You might need to press 'Sign Up' afterwards on the main Canvas and it should show your username meaning you're good to go.

Quick rundown of the rules:

1 pixel per minute. Up to six stacked pixels. Notification and timer for upcoming pixels. No hateful/illegal/NSFL content is permitted.

Event runtime:

This event will last 72 hours, starting August 4th, 12:00AM EST (4:00AM UTC) and ending on August 6th, 11:59PM EST (3:59AM UTC)

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Even if there isn't much of a post-game, just running through Navarro one-shotting everyone is cathartic.

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There was this tiktok where a woman was talking about how her cousin was shot and killed for knocking on her neighbor's door to get her kid's thing and she used "unalive" to describe it. It was very jarring to hear in such a somber context. It feels very dystopian that people have to self censor for the algorithm. Same with youtube and any mentions of covid.

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Lots of companies are guilty of this. Nvidia and SSD manufacturers with their stealth downgrades under same product name and the entirety of the monitor space:

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Pirates are used to migrating en masse

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