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Does this image make sense tho or am I not getting it. I mean ddg ist what's down, why is it looking at itself. Is this some sort of hint that ddg is suffering from fractured personality disorder and that's why it's down? Do you need someone to talk to, ddg? Or lithium?

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Everybody would rightfully shit themselves 😳

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English summer rain.. always lasts for ages singing Placebo song

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Why the downvotes?

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That was a really good read, thanks :)

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So I'm talking about playing previously Windows-only games on Linux, e.g. via proton.

I don't know about the libraries etc that are used - is it possible for Microsoft to use some legal voodoo, for example, to suddenly end it all, and make the use of their libraries illegal (if they belong to Microsoft in the first place)?

Or could there be other ways of interference?

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Well, depends on the training set. If there were instructions on how to cook illegal substances in it, that LLM might start working for a certain fastfood chain.

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This is very mild

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Upvote for calling depression dark souls cosplay

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As shown in the image, it is very dangerous to explain quantum physics to anyone. There really should be better safeguards against it.

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That face says it all

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I was thinking of something like the Duff Man theme and slapping sounds and moans, but I feel that Lemmy knows better.

(Obviously, I would start texting and calling him during the next meeting)

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I've been reading the same thing a couple of times lately, company x removes Denuvo from game y.

What is happening? Are we returning to a state of innocence and purity?

You finally made it (
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Alright, your propaganda here over the past months has worked. I want to get into Star Trek. Where do I start? Can I take an abbreviated tour? Or do I need to go to TOS?

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Hello, I love this community, but I can't stand it that so many posts don't feature the year that the artwork was made. That's such important information, just to place that piece of art in context. Maybe it can be made a requirement to include the year? What do you think?

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I think it's silly to speak in full sentences to home assistants, when I really just use 5 commands most of the time.

It would be snappier to make weird sounds, produced by snapping ones tongue e.g., like some African tribes use in their languages.

Or any other weird, short sounds.

It might be more satisfying to use, and probably funnier.

Also, over the course of a few years this might find its way into everyday spoken language. Which would be wonderfully dystopian and maybe funny.

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Seriously. I don't want to install something on my phone when the dev is just using a WebView, if that's what it's called. When the app is basically just a website with the browser hidden.

What's the reason for that? To attach the customer? To sell the app for money? Is there more ad revenue that way? Do you reach more people?

(Are there any good reasons for it, too? Security, maybe?)

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I once heard that in the middle of 20th century, public transportation in the USA was widely privatized and bought by automotive manufacturers, and then wilfully left to rot, so that people would buy more cars.

However, I can't find anything backing that up. Do you know whether that's true, and where I can find some sources for that?

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I am in an intense love-hate relationship with Spotify. It makes good mixes for me, I have found a lot of great bands that way. BUT IT KEEPS REGURGITATING THE SAME SONGS IN THERE. I know about Song Radios and Artist Radios, so please don't recommend those. Smart Shuttle doesn't cut it, either.

The best thing would be several randomness sliders. One for randomness in bands, the other for randnomness of their songs, one for genres. Please tell me some music service has implemented something like that. I am dying over here.

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With all the hormones and whatnot inside. Dopamine, adrenaline, melatonin, whatever. Also, there's this Hunter S. Thompson bit on the.. pineal gland?

If it had an effect on you, wouldn't it be a really messed up high, all over the place? With uppers, downers etc mixed? (Not including the emotional implications of eating raw human brains.)

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Hey there,

so I was turned off by all the drama at launch and waited until now to buy the game. I hear major changes are going to come soon.

So do you think it's a better idea to start playing it now, or wait for patch 1.7/2.0?

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